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Naturally, gifted healer owner of New Truth Healing Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

Specializes in natural healing and transforming the mind, body, and spirit, which covers every area of life. It doesn’t matter what an individual is dealing with or what challenges they may be facing; my healing addresses all things.

6th generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher, hypnotherapist, vibrational sound practitioner, spiritual life coach, and cranial therapist. Trained in DNA imagery and communication, chakra balancing, KA channel opening and Matrix Healing.

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I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me
I Am and the Spirit Walks with Meby Angelo LoweryTeen & Young Adult Advice & How To General Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality

Angelo Lowery interview On 31, Jan 2019

"Angelo Lowery grew up in many different areas and spent a lot of time in Illinois with her grandmother. Her inspiration to start New Truth Healing Center in Scottsdale, AZ was her own struggles with life. Her connection to spirit and the rebirthing of the “I Am” that she has become has shaped her into a writer. She looks for ways to use the negative in an empowering way. Her first goal is to simply touch lives and create the change that is needed for the person who reads the book. The second goal is that when the reader receives enlightenment, they will become empowered to help someone else."
What is your favorite memory from your childhood? Where did you grow up?

My favorite memories are the times I spent with my Grandmother she is an awesome lady loved the Chicago Cubs. I grew up in many different areas spent a lot of time in Illinois with my grandmother.

What is New Truth Healing Center in Scottsdale, AZ all about? What inspired you to start it?

New Truth Healing Center is all about Holistic healing and covers every aspect of life. It’s a place where we create permanent life change, and achieve goals. My inspiration was my own struggles with life and knowing that every day there is someone out there going through something that they would like to work through whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Positive change is great for us all.

How do you think your specialization in natural healing and transforming the mind, body, and spirit has helped you shape into a writer? What inspires your writings?

Wow I can say that every day of my life brings about some type of transformation, revelation, and enlightenment. I know that the empowerment comes when I make the decision to not withhold what I know so that others can also grow. Working with each client opens up more realities and aha moments for me. My connection to spirit, and the rebirthing of the “I Am” that I have become has shaped me into a writer. Being a witness of my own healing and that of my clients keeps me motivated not to mention my daily practices implemented to always keep my vibrational frequencies high this alone supersedes the inspiration in which I seek. It is limitless.

Having specialized and trained in so many different fields, what do you think makes you a naturally gifted healer? How is your experience of being a hypnotherapist?

What I know that makes me a gifted healing vessel is my connection to spirit allowing myself to be in that space to be guided on what the needs are of the body in order to heal. When I focus on the area of being a hypnotherapist the experience with these sessions and any others that may be needed for a client are amazing. This is because each field specialized in is backed with spiritual guidance that is specific to the needs of each client. For me just simply taking a client into hypnosis for an issue is like putting a band aid on a wound. I want permanent life changes for the client therefore with the implementation of spiritual guidance we resolve not just the current issues, but those issues that led up to what the client wants to resolve. Often times clients can’t see this because it’s so deeply rooted.

What does a Reiki Master Teacher exactly do? What captivated your interest in this area?

As a Reiki Master Teacher several levels are taught that are needed to become a teacher if one chooses to do so. A Reiki Master Teacher teaches those who want to learn the principles of Reiki which is the use of life force energy for healing. I became interested in this area because it involves the natural utilization of life force energy to bring about positive change in the body, mind, and spirit. The feedback of what one feels in the body during sessions brings about excellent results. Students who are seeking training whether it be Level I, II, or III are impressed with how life force energy works they get a chance to be the witness of their own transformation when it comes to the healing.

How did you heal yourself first to help others? What was the most struggling part in the process of overcoming your traumas and the negative experiences in your life?

I decided to come face to face with all the things that took place in my life I decided to not fear and allow myself to just see the truth of things to accept that what was happening was taking place so that I could help others as well as myself evolve. I had to just get past the fact that there was nothing for me to be ashamed of that speaking truth allowing myself to be heard becomes healing for my soul. Once those feelings are surfaced, they have to be processed, healed, and released this led me on a path of spiritual guidance to receive self-healing. To see something and come face to face with it is one thing but we must ask ourselves once its seen what is it that we need to do with it. If we don’t apply the healing method it doesn’t go anywhere it’s still sitting there until we take further action.

How do you think your book "I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me" will teach people how to thrive in this world instead rather than exist? How difficult it was to talk about your nasty past experiences in your first book?

We must live not exist many of us have been raised up and taught to have a family, and work to take care of them. We go home we eat, and sleep just to wake up to the same routine. There are things we must do to survive however in the midst of this it is key for us to learn to live. We must love, we must laugh, we must cry, we must bring joy into the world, we must practice truth, and no matter what have a forgiving heart. Just this alone creates a loving place for us all. There is so much more we can do. The book shares my journey of transcending to higher levels of consciousness to have this understanding about life. There was no difficulty discussing my past the book was all about shedding old layers of me to continue to create the new. What better way to move forward sharing with the world sending a message that someone cares and has gone through it to.

Your book "I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me" talks about how negative experiences can be transformed into positive brain patterns. What keeps you inspired and motivated by the outer realms of your mind?

That there is no limitation to the things I can do and who I can become. We are the creators of who we want to be and what we want out of life therefore given that I didn’t like what I saw thank God I had the right to change it. This process is all about cleaning the slate of the mind and digging deep into the subconscious.

Addressing the question of most of your readers, you have survived countless horrors that would crumple the best of us, how did you do that? What was the key to your resilience?

Persistence and a knowing that what I was experiencing was not the life that was meant to be for me and that it was up to me to take action to do something about it. I needed to reclaim my power take my life back. No matter how much negativity was dumped on me I’ve chosen to see the positive aspect of things. Developing that knowing that negative thoughts brings about negative energy and positive thoughts bring forth more positive thoughts. I dig through the negative and find gratitude. I look for ways to use the negative in an empowering way. It’s the transformation process.

What inspired you to share your inspiring and heartfelt journey? According to you, how important it is to transform our mind, body and soul in order to reach our destiny?

I see pain and suffering going on in this world and it just doesn’t have to be this way if we step up and just do something, we would see the change that we want to create. Every day at the end of the day just asking the question what did I do today to help someone allows me to sleep peacefully at night. It is extremely important to surrender to transformation when we do, we find love, joy, happiness, peace etc. when we do surrender our own transformation becomes healing for those we come in contact with. If I’m positive and I step into a room of negative people, it totally changes the vibe. When we transform spiritually, we began to see things for what they are, we notice things we didn’t notice before, and we feel calm strong peace in the midst of the storm.

How you and your life has changed over the years of lecturing, researching, writing, and providing natural healing to individuals around the world?

All of this has placed me in the zone what I call the untouchable spiritual zone. Since releasing and going through my own healing I’m more connected with people, and I listen. We all need someone I’ve been there not to mention were all energy we are connected in some way. I listen to the body what it emits back to me it tells me what is needed for people during any given time. I don’t research as much now when it comes to healing since I’ve accepted that I am a healing vessel I allow information to Divinely flow to me, I implement it, and then I share it. I’ve learned to master patience because that which I need will come to me in due time there is no need to rush life.

Is there anything you wish you could have done differently in the past? What is the most challenging thing about being a spiritual life coach?

The human me the ego mind wants to say that I would have connected a lot sooner with what I know today, however the spirit me knows that what has happened did for the evolution of my immortal soul therefore events took place perfectly just as they were meant. When I think about challenges for myself as a coach there aren’t any given that they are spiritually guided. I am more than always dedicated to give to those who want change in their life. There is no true word that defines my style of coaching its life changing. No matter how many times I teach new things are given in every session from the Divine. The journey is all about the client creating new life changes that are empowering.

What would you advice to somebody who is seeking a better life?

You are the creator of what your life becomes change your thought patterns and watch before your eyes how things will begin to manifest for you. Always speak the truth we as people tend to hold things back with the thought process that were protecting someone or that the world has taught us its wrong to say how we feel, however what we don’t realize it’s really the truth that the other party need to hear your healing yourself and you’re also helping them to heal. Truth is Divine Love and Divine Light.

What goals do you wish to achieve through your books? What are you currently working on?

There are two goals. My first goal is to simply touch lives and create the change that is needed for the person who reads the book, and to let them know if I can do it they can to. The second goal is that when the reader receives enlightenment, they will become empowered to help someone else. There is a miracle waiting to happen for everyone who reads the book. I am currently working on several books, speaking projects, and conscious life enhancements to promote healing for myself and others. A lot of work with the subconscious.

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