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I have always had a great love of books and creating my own stories. Writing about things that stirred in the dark shadows and gave my sister nightmares, I always kept to myself until I was about 34 years old when I decided I needed to see where this road would lead. I'm not even part way through my journey isn't even halfway through yet. I am a full-time student with my studies centering around Human Services and being a full time mother to my son . I have a daughter who is grown with a little one of her own and I take my role as her NeeNee seriously. Well kind of silly but who doesn't wrap themselves up with their grandbabies? I also work part-time at a local pizza parlor and it helps to pay the bills. I am recently divorced so being single after 21 years and 2 kids has taken some getting used to but life is not over for me and neither are my stories. I have so many dreams and I plan on living all of them.

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Cursed Awakening
$3.02 kindleeBook,
Cursed Awakeningby Nikki NoffsingerPublish: May 01, 2017Paranormal Romance
Red Cloud Rising (Wolf Legend Book 1)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Red Cloud Rising (Wolf Legend Book 1)by Nikki NoffsingerPublish: Oct 15, 2015Paranormal Romance

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