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Nikki T. Anthony

Nikki T. Anthony

Award-winning author Nikki T. Anthony was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where her love for writing sparked as a teenager. Growing up in poverty, Nikki became an avid reader to escape her reality by visiting the neighborhood public library which allowed her to explore different environments through reading fiction.
As an avid reader that used literature as leverage in her own life, Nikki’s mission is to do her small part as a change agent by utilizing storytelling as an outlet for the new generation of young adults, through her new YA novel The Price We Pay.
Not only is she a multi-faceted author, she's also a serial entrepreneur who transformed from Corporate Technical Writer to highly sought-after Ghostwriter, Literary Consultant, and Content Developer.
Her writings are best known for their epic plot twist, enthralling language, and richly detailed African American characters, who are dominant to their narratives.
To find out more about how Nikki T. Anthony’s success story following her many failures, please feel free to visit her website at www.iamnikkitanthony.com.

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The Price We Payby Nikki AnthonyPublish: Dec 25, 2023Teen & Young Adult

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  • Literary Titan Gold Book Award

    The Price We Pay


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