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Payne Hawthorne is a California native who lives on the north coast in a rural, beach setting with her Corgi and two cats and two horses.

She primarily writes fictional novels, but also blogs non-fiction articles and commentary about her personal life and life lessons. She recently released her first memoir which includes two poetry collections.

She also writes flash/short fiction stories in the erotica genre, and most recently has been dabbling in poetry, prose and spoken word. Everything she produces is self-published under, House of Payne Publishing.

Everything Payne writes, carries a theme of self-discovery and change within the characters or herself. Her favorite themes are unexpected life changes, metaphysical and soul-searching questions, passion and lust, and anything extraordinary, fantasy, Sci-fi and paranormal. All her novels are unique, anti-formula love stories with out of this world characters and personality development.

Much of her poetry is darker, soulful and manifests from her personal life. She tends to look at the difficult side of falling and staying in love with another human. “Love isn’t always rainbows and roses. I like to write about the sometimes ugly side of opening your heart and soul to another.”

Payne hails from a 25 year background in horse training where she lectured, taught, and trained people how to think like a horse. The phycology of a lateral thinking prey animal is opposite of the human/predator species direct line approach, so her work is always unexpected with a mind-set not often heard. All of her novels are sprinkled with great animal moments, and her message, no matter human or animal, is that love should always be the most important ingredient in all interactions and relationships.

Her tag line reads: Meticulous Anarchy. Adult fiction author for the intelligent reader. Dessert for your soul, and Fairy Tales for adults.

She has 10 novels in print and digital, and four are available as audio books. All are available on Amazon or directly through her, with personal signatures and custom bookmarks and other swag created for each story.

On her webpage she shares short stories and poetry/prose and also blogs about her life lessons.

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Dormant Desires, Alpha Pack: Three Book Bundle, Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising, Lumen

Publish Date: Jan 23, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance

avg rating4.5 - 14 reviews on Amazon

Payne Hawthorne's Books

Dormant Desires, Alpha Pack: Three Book Bundle, Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising, Lumen


Publication Date: Jan 23, 2015

Paranormal Romance

4.5 (14 ratings)

CAIN: Dormant Desires Book 4


Publication Date: Apr 09, 2015

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

4.6 (9 ratings)

AdventuresinPayne: REMNANT


Publication Date: May 31, 2015


4.8 (8 ratings)

Discovery: AdventuresinPayne Book II


Publication Date: Jul 31, 2015

Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance

5 (4 ratings)

PEEING WITH THE DOOR OPEN; Not a Love Story: A Memoir and Two Poetry Collections


Publication Date: Feb 14, 2017

Poetry, Biographies & Memoirs

5 (3 ratings)

The Elysian: The Elysian Chronicles, Book I


Publication Date: Jun 29, 2014

Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy

3.7 (9 ratings)

Fire Clothed in Skin: Fire Clothed in Skin Saga, Book I


Publication Date: Jul 06, 2014

Paranormal Romance

4.5 (2 ratings)

Redemption of Fire: Fire Clothed in Skin Saga, Book II


Publication Date: Mar 26, 2016

Paranormal Romance

5 (1 ratings)

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