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R.A Goli

R.A Goli

R.A. Goli is an Australian writer of fantasy, horror and speculative fiction. In her downtime, she enjoys annoying her fur babies – currently two cats and a chihuahua – and her husband, and the occasional walk through the cemetery.

Fun facts: When she was twelve she used a home-made Ouija board to contact Sid Vicious because she had a crush on him. He never responded.

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R.A Goli Books

The Eighth Dwarf
$2.99kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Eighth Dwarfby R.A. GoliPublish: Jun 18, 2018Fantasy
Unfettered: A Short Story Collection by R. A. Goli
Unfettered: A Short Story Collection by R. A. Goliby R. A. GoliPublish: Jan 18, 2019Literary Fiction Humor Fantasy Horror Poetry

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