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From Alberta Canada. Award winning Author R.B.K. is one of the most down to earth people one could every meet. Having published two books. A memoir in a series of three. With the third to be published in 2022. Awarded two book awards for his debut series MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE. An authentic love story that has endured the test of time. A nonfiction read for the awakened soul. Continuing to document his story as it unfolds. R.B.K. is hopeful that his pilgrimage will lead him to the arms of his beloved Theresa. As the ink has now dried, I have not embellished one word. Indeed not! I am just a simple man sharing my story with the world. For all who will turn its pages.

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$4.29 kindle Free with KUeBook,
My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale (A TALL-TALE Book 1)by R B KPublish: Jun 01, 2020Series: MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE BOOK ONERomance Biographies & Memoirs Religion & Spirituality
$4.37 kindleeBook,
MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY AND A TALL TALE Book 2 and 3by R B K R B KPublish: Jun 10, 2021Series: MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE BOOK 2&3Romance Biographies & Memoirs Religion & Spirituality

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    1 My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale (A TALL-TALE Book 1) - Published on Jun, 2020

    1 MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY AND A TALL TALE Book 2 and 3 - Published on Jun, 2021

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    My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale (A TALL-TALE Book 1)


    My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale (A TALL-TALE Book 1)


R.B.K. interview On 29, Mar 2022

"R.B.K. is a poet and award-winning author with two published books. He began his writing journey with his award-winning debut series MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE. His inspiration has come from his beloved Theresa. MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE is a nonfiction narrative account of connected events throughout the author's life. He is a father of two with three granddaughters."
Tell me a bit about who you are.

I am just an ordinary person who could be your neighbor. A father of two with three granddaughters. A tradesman and custom motorcycle builder from Alberta Canada. A poet and award-winning Author with two published books. And a third to be self-published in the winter of 2022. I like to commune with nature and solitude is a dear friend. I pay no attention to the lunacy of humanity. And continue to write and share my story with the world. For all who will turn its pages.

When did you first want to author a book?

There were times in my life that I had tossed around the idea of authoring a book. But was just a whim at the time. As I grew older, and my life began to change. The idea of a memoir seemed possible as I found myself emersed in a new experience. That set me on a path less travelled. Which gave me the purpose to pick up pen and paper. Which I had literary done. Choosing the path less travelled was the instigator of ink to paper. And my memoir was born.

When did you take a step to start writing?

The first step to writing was pen and paper in hand. Old school all the way. Sitting in front on my computer one evening. I decided to share my story with the world. Reflecting on my life the pen and paper became one. Sculpting the paragraphs one after another. Until three pages were complete. As I began to reread the beginning draft of chapter one. I chuckled to myself and decided to use my computer. This was the moment in time that changed my life forever. Inspired by a dear friend who has never left my side. The fall of 2019 was the dawn of MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE.

How long did it take you to complete your first book from the first idea to release?

It was not as though I had any kind of idea. Being a memoir, I just reflected on my life. Adding in the new experiences that had engulfed my newfound life. The path less travelled reveled many new experiences that I had not fully experienced yet. Leaving me with an ample amount of material for the book. A firsthand account documented in real time as my story unfolded. I had been thrust into the eye of a hurricane. My life had been turned upside down. And navigation was unfamiliar to me within the moment. Within a year I had my first book published. And the second was soon to follow.

How long did it take you to complete your latest book from the first idea to release?

The second in the series continues my pilgrimage. Once again written in real time as my story continued to unfold. The idea for the second release was simmering while still writing the first. Continuing to document my new experiences. The second book entails more of my character and the inspiration of my friend. That propelled me to travel the path less traveled in search of answers and clarification. Of many remarkable milestones on my journey. Written again within a year and published. The second book also includes book three. With book four part four being written now.

Focusing on your latest release. What made you want to draft this book?

It was not so much as a want but more of a purpose. And purpose came from deep within. Guiding me each time as the computer sluggishly painted the words and letters on each page. My story became very personal to me. Creating a tapestry that began to weave my story together day by day. Piecing together a puzzle of questions and answers with calcification that followed. Did I want to author this book? Yes of course it was my purpose!

What were your biggest challenges with writing it?

Challenges can be draining and exhausting for an Author. Finding that typing four to five hundred words a day is plenty. As long as you write each day that is the secret. Editing your work each day is necessary. Two birds with one stone. So, to speak. The only challenge for myself, is that I tend to write late at night. Which does raise havoc on my routine.

What was the research process for this book?

Since this book was written from firsthand knowledge and life experienced. The research process was very little. Some insights of new experience were clarified and researched. From others with similar experiences. Overall, my books are from my personal perspective. Authentic raw and real. I have not embellished one word. Written with my heart on my sleeve. Inspired by a friend from ages past.

How did you plan the structure of your book?

Well, there is no rhyme or reason to my lunacy, lol. And book structure is something that I do not plan in anyway. I structure on the fly from the seat of my pants as I write. For the most part I do not consider myself an Author. I am just a simple man with an original story to share. Structure creates generic story lines and plot twists that inhibits the writer’s originality. Originality comes from the heart of the soul and will never be found in structure. I just sit down and type and follow my heart.

Did you get support with editing, and how much editing did your book need?

Editing is a journey in itself. And as one begins to proceed in the writing community. Becoming familiar with editors and the way they work. Is an education in itself. I did get support with editing with both my books from different editors. And did experiences differences between the two of them. From price range to editing practices. And believe me there is no limit to how much some of these editors will charge. I have found that some editing practices can be so profound that the writing style of the Author is compromised. Prerequisites of degrees hung on the wall do not always make for a good edit. Both edits that I did receive still left the odd mistake missed in the proof reading. And if you happen to get a reviewer who tends to review the edit instead of the content, even if there is just on mistake. The review will never be fair to the content. So, in conclusion who better to edit your work than yourself. My books did not need much editing, for most of the editing was done myself.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give to anyone inspired to draft a book.

There are three methods to utilize publishing a book. Self-publishing, vanity publishing and traditional publishing. Traditional publishing the old school rout to take. Adds up to getting down on your knees and begging some editor to publish your book. Not recommended could take years to find a publisher. Remembering that traditional publishers are only concerned about the bottom line. Second vanity publishers charge you to publish. Offering publishing packages that can be extremely expensive. Vanity publishers also have quite a bit of control with your published book. And have to be conferred with on any change’s promotions etc. And are pretty much the agent between you and the retailer. And will charge for their time at excessive rates. They are also there for the bottom line. But not so much as the traditional publisher. Self-publishing would be my first choice and would advise anyone inspired to publish use this option. For writing advice stay away from generic story lines be original and write from the heart. This is what I have learnt firsthand from my subjective experiences with publishers.

Can you give me a hint about any further books you are planning to write?

I have been tossing around the idea of drafting a book on the evolution of conscious awareness. At this time in the age of Aquarius. And what it means to humanities future. How it affects individuals and their lives. And how being conscious of our awareness can change the world for the better. As humanities evolution continues.

And finally, are you proud of your accomplishment? Was it worth the effort?

I tend to stray away from the word pride. It does seem to puff out the chest of one’s ego. And would rather compare my Authored accomplishments to heart felt joy. There are no words that could convey the sincere gratitude that I feel for my friend Theresa. For without her my books would never have been written. She has given me the strength to search for my authentic self. And for that I thank her. Once again written with my heart on my sleeve to share with the world. And was it worth the effort? With every tear that hit the floor! Of course, it was! It was always For Theresa.

What made you want to write romance?

I never did find myself thinking about what genre I was going to write in. For my book is my personal memoir inspired by a wonderful woman. Who walked into my life and literally turned it upside down. In a good way of course. Sending me on a quest for answers and clarification. Romance is an integral part of my memoir. And my story could not have been written without the undertones of a resurrected love. So, in retrospect it was just a give-in that the genre would be romance.

If you could describe your book “MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE” in three words, what would they be?


Do you need to know how a novel ends before you begin writing it?

No. I am not a structured writer in any way whatsoever. So, an ending would not be needed if I were to write fiction. My series My life my story my journey & a tall tale. Has been documented and written in real time as my story unfolded. And while I continue with the third installment. I intend to follow my heart wherever it leads me.

How did you come up with the title of your first book?

MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE is a nonfiction narrative account of connected events throughout my life. That prepared me for what was to unfold in the future of my life. That being said my book title can be separated into past and present. Memoir and documented present. How did I come up with the title? To be honest it just came to be in the moment. As I was writing one night.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on the third installment of the series MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE. Hoppfully to be published late twenty-two or early twenty-three. Being that the series has been documented in real time. I need to live my life as I document my continued journey.

What is your writing kryptonite? Inversely, what is something that never fails to inspire you?

Cool! A superman reference. Well inspiration can come in many forms. But in regard to my documented journey. My inspiration has come from my beloved Theresa. Without her inspiration my books would have never been written. She has been and will continue to be my muse. My story is not my own for it is hers as well.

How do you as an Author take negative reviews and turn them into something good?

Well, the learning curve for me as a new Author has been quite wide to say the least. And has taught me a lot! Negative reviews! Reviews are a dime a dozen and only reflect the consciousness of the reader. That being said no review is a disparaging review. And that is how I navigate reviews.

If you weren’t an Author, what do you think you would be doing for a living?

Well, to be honest I don’t consider myself an Author at all. Yes, I have published two books. But in order to claim the title of Author. Does not come until after one’s death and that is if readers are still reading your books. There are very few Authors that make a living at writing most of them have second jobs. And continue to play the lottery of best seller. What would I be doing for a job? Well, my books can answer this question. But would like to add I was guided to write and share my story with the world.

If you had to do a collaboration, which Author would you like to collaborate with and why?

Well, there are many in the spiritual community that I would like to collaborate with. And wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa would be within my list of many. Just to break bread with him and converse about the consciousness of humanity. Would be a dream come true. His abundance of spiritual wisdom is of great importance to humanity at this time in our evolution.

How long have you been with AllAuthor and what has your experience been like?

I have been using the services of AllAuthor for close to six months now. I am very satisfied with the tools provided on their site to help with book promotion. The Author can promote his/her book using many promotional aids and tools for a reasonable price. I have tried many book promotional sites that were very expensive and ineffective. One promotional site I tried literally tweeted my book with a visible hand holding my book. The learning curve has taught me that book promotion is very time consuming and AllAuthor makes it a lot easier and faster. Drafting a book is the easy part anyone can do it! But book promotion is the hardest part of the process. I am extremely satisfied with AllAuthor and will continue to use them in the future.

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      • R.B.K. R.B.K. 5 months ago
      • Literary success only comes after the Authors death. Leaving to the world his literature that will be read by future generations.
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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 6 months ago
    • How do you think concepts such as Kindle, and e-books have changed the present or future of reading?
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      • R.B.K. R.B.K. 6 months ago
      • I have learned a lot since I have entered the world of Authorship. Tradition, vanity and self publishing aspects were way out of my field of expertise. To say the least. But when it comes to hardcover, paperback and e-book, well I am familiar. And e-books don't even hold a candle to print. You cannot feel, smell, hold or physically turn their pages. The whole experience of reading has been discarded and replaced within cyber space. I do not think that e-books have really changed anything to the future of reading. Unless you consider the ridiculous low prices and the 315 million dollar a year in e-book theft! Which many Authors do not seem to be concerned about. Websites that distribute stolen e-books for minimal prices and free. Personally I will not use the e-book format ever again. The learning curve has taught me that if readers are interested in my content, print copies will not deter them from the real experience of reading!
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      • R.B.K. R.B.K. 6 months ago
      • Personally I am not a scheduled writer in any fashion what so ever. I do not sit down and write thousands of words in one sitting or follow any kind of criteria. I can write at any time of the day or night, but am more partial to late in the evenings. Writing 400 to 500 hundred words a day is plenty for me with editing done as well. I have no structure and there is no rhyme or reason to my madness. I have a story to tell which is my own. For the world to witness. Authentic raw and real. I continue write and at this time in my life. Don't think I will ever consider writing fiction!
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      • R.B.K. R.B.K. 6 months ago
      • I do read my book reviews. And when a rating is left without a review it is gut wrenching to say the least. As a nonfiction Author, I have come to understand that nonfiction is a hard sell. And for those that to not leave a review. Leaves me to assume that the reader cannot relate to the subject material within the pages. It is not a big deal to me for I am not writing to impress anyone. I am just telling my story, and when the ink is dried on the paper there will be no embellished words.
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      • R.B.K. R.B.K. 6 months ago
      • I have wrote poetry for most of my life. Which I have had laying around my home for years. I started to write my first book in 2019. After meeting a woman who literally turned my world upside down. My life has drastically changed since then. And Theresa was the inspiration of my books. Without her they would never have been written. And the poetry written so long ago, well some of it has been included in my books. My books are very personal to me. Written with my heart on my sleeve. I share them with the world. R.B.K.
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