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Robert Gaspari

Robert Gaspari

I am a lifelong resident of the eastern PA/Philadelphia area. I also spent three years in the US Army stationed up and down the east coast. I am a fan of anything quirky, off-beat and unexplained. The love of my life and I have a marriage spanning over forty years together. The families of our daughter and son gifted us with five grandchildren so far.

I now have the time to write after retiring from my career as a buyer of hi-tech electronics for a local manufacturer. I need to get these stories out of my head and down on paper or electronic media.

My books to date are all lighthearted fiction-fantasy-romance-science fiction and it is hard to contain them in any particular genre box since they cross over the lines. And that's part of my personality, too. I don't always color between the lines and writing accords a freedom to do as you wish, not as you're told.

I hope you find my creative labors enjoyable and exciting enough to captivate your attention. My wish is for readers to laugh at my attempts at humor, evoke a tear during the sad parts and warm your heart with the romantic portions.

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What She Ran From: The ATM Skim Scam
(1) $0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
What She Ran From: The ATM Skim Scamby Robert GaspariPublish: Nov 25, 2021Mystery
IMAGINING DRAGONS: Be they bad or good
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IMAGINING DRAGONS: Be they bad or goodby Robert GaspariPublish: Sep 28, 2021Fantasy
PACOYMA: First Contact Landing
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PACOYMA: First Contact Landingby Robert GaspariPublish: Jan 20, 2022Series: PacoymaScience Fiction
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REFLECTIONby Robert GaspariPublish: Dec 05, 2019Series: REFLECTIONSScience Fiction

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  • Pacoyma

    1 PACOYMA: First Contact Landing - Published on Jan, 2022

    1 REFLECTION - Published on Dec, 2019

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