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Rhonda R Eichman
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    Historical Romance

Rhonda Eichman is a lifetime resident of Kansas and received her education at St. Mary of the Plains College in Dodge City. She offers an authentic view of life on the Kansas prairie where she lives. As a history buff, she can relate unique historical culture to create fiction that is entertaining and features life’s lessons through her character’s actions. She is the author of articles in Kansas Country Magazine and several technical materials and grants. She lives with her husband, Ray, in Seward County Kansas.

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Bargain On The Prairie

Publish Date: Sep 24, 2018

Genre: Romance, Christian Fiction

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Bargain On The Prairie

Bargain On The Prairie


Publication Date: Sep 24, 2018

Romance, Christian Fiction

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    • Bargain On The Prairie by Rhonda R Eichman
      Historical Christian Fiction

      Annette finds herself stranded on the prairie of the Kansas Territory. With her fiancé dead, she knows she will not be able to drive the covered wagon over the mountains until spring. Alone and terrified, there is only one choice... Cole.
      Cole knows he can help Annette survive but he doesn't know if she can fit into the rough life living on a ranch requires. In spite of his doubts, he offers her a bargain in trade for food and shelter.
      Can two independent people strike a bargain on the prairie and survive the Kansas winter together?
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