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I reside in idyllic Newport, Rhode Island along with my two fur-babies. Two incredibly precocious Chihuahuas bent on ruling the planet, and I believe they are getting close. Oliver Winston and Victoria Alexandrina know they at least rule me. They seem to spend their day causing trouble and making my life just a little more exciting than it already is. I have begun to write LBGTQ+ romance, action/adventure. As well as a smattering of paranormal romance thrown in for good measure. I have just begun my official writing career, although I have been writing plays and scripts since I was in grammar school. So, come along for the ride! I promise some thrills, chills, lots of laughter and, fun, and some utterly amazing original characters.

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$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Audio,
The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earthby R.R. PearlPublish: May 19, 2020Supernatural Suspense New Adult Romance Paranormal Romance Romance LGBT Science Fiction Fantasy more»
The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of  The Earth
$10.99 kindleeBook,
The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earthby R.R. PearlPublish: May 20, 2020Action & Adventure Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance Women's Fiction LGBT Fantasy more»

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