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Scott Beckman
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Let's face it; our world is boring. There's no magic. No dragons. No quick-witted rogues or evil witches. There's just people and politics and work and school.

Scott likes to imagine far more interesting worlds. Ones with gods who give their followers super powers or dragons build mountain cities; where adventure is always just over the hill and through the dale; and where young heroes explore and discover the fantastic nature of their worlds for themselves. These are worlds that only exist in imagination, but maybe they could be real, if only we could find them.

Scott lives in Denver, Colorado with his cat, Evie. He enjoys a daily cup of coffee, a weekly exercise regimen, a regular bottle of gin or whiskey, and the occasional trip to far-off places. His biggest influences are Tolkien, Palahniuk, Vonnegut, LeGuin, and McCarthy. He believes there's nothing more awkward in the world than having people look at you while they sing to you, though writing about yourself in the third-person comes close.

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Publish Date: Apr 27, 2017

avg rating4.7 - 13 reviews on Amazon

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Publication Date: Apr 27, 2017

4.7 (13 ratings)

Wings of the Sathakos (The Sathakos Trilogy Book 1)


Publication Date: Apr 27, 2017

4.4 (19 ratings)

The Fox and the Blade (The Sathakos Trilogy Book 2)

The Fox and the Blade (The Sathakos Trilogy Book 2)


Publication Date: Apr 13, 2017

5 (2 ratings)

White Star Phase: Book One of the Ascendants Chronicle


Publication Date: May 09, 2018

4.6 (5 ratings)

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