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By now dear friends you've probably been on twitter or facebook and maybe already are that I am now an Award-Winning Author, GOLD no less, having come in first place at FAPA's National Contest this weekend at their conference. Miracles of Recovery, for those who know my story, was born out of grief from loss: the loss of my precious daughter, my husband, my brothers (who both died from our disease.) The five years of passion and energy that it took to complete it will never be felt the same again. But I want you to know that more than ANYTHING, Miracles was Divinely Inspired for were it NOT, I could never EVER produced what I did.

Miracles of Recovery is proof-positive that NOTHING IN THIS WORLD CAN JUSTIFY TAKING A DRINK, and that when we want to live just a mustard seed more than we want to die, we will find our way -- AND WE DO! Thank you to all who are STILL here, who continue to believe in its message and know that from the heart, anything we do is possible.

In her spare time, Harriet facilitates a six-week course called, “Journaling with a Purpose.” She lives with her two dogs at home in Havana, Florida. Learn more about Harriet by visiting www.Harriethunter.org or on Facebook at Harriet Hunter, author.

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Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith

Publish Date: Oct 02, 2018

Genre: Advice & How To

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Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith


Publication Date: Oct 02, 2018

Advice & How To

5 (13 ratings)

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  • On 17, 01 2019

    HArriet Hunter interview

    Born in Western New York, author HArriet Hunter realized she wanted to be an author a year after the death of her daughter. Her stories, each day, were about feelings, emotions, what to do and how to handle them as a recovering alcoholic. She has done volunteer work for years in hospitals, in Hospice, in rehabilitation centers at hospitals and worked most recently... read full interview

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