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S.E. Rose lives in the DMV. And if you know what that means, then you know where she lives. She currently resides with her husband, two children, and always at least two cats and usually other random creatures her children decide they need. While she works at a desk during the day, her evenings and weekends are devoted to writing and editing her romance novels. She loves all things wine, coffee, tea and dark chocolate; that’s right, dark chocolate. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, traveling, going to concerts, and reading.

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Secrets (Portentous Destiny Serices Book 2)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Secrets (Portentous Destiny Serices Book 2)by S.E. RosePublish: Jun 12, 2018Series: Portentous Destiny SeriesRomantic Suspense New Adult Romance
Island (Portentous Destiny Series Book 1)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Island (Portentous Destiny Series Book 1)by S.E. RosePublish: Mar 24, 2018Series: Portentous Destiny SeriesRomantic Suspense
Neighbor in Apartment No. 5
$0.99 kindleeBook,
Neighbor in Apartment No. 5by S.E. RosePublish: May 15, 2018Romantic Suspense
Chronicles of a Hot Mess
$3.89 kindleeBook,
Chronicles of a Hot Messby S.E. RosePublish: Jun 26, 2018Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance

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  • Portentous Destiny Series

    1 Island (Portentous Destiny Series Book 1) - Published on Mar, 20182 Secrets (Portentous Destiny Serices Book 2) - Published on Jun, 2018

S.E. Rose interview On 11, Jul 2018

"Born near New York City and raised in the Midwest, author S.E. Rose currently lives near Washington DC and enjoys her time there meeting new people from all over the world and always finding something to do. Rose lives with her husband and two kids, who are her biggest cheerleaders. A lover of music with U2 and Civil Tonight being two of her favorite bands, Rose also likes photography and is greatly inspired by nature. Working in environmental law for her day job, Rose loves every bit of it and wants her kids to see the same animals and places that she has seen by protecting them. A Scooby Doo fan since childhood, Rose has been a huge mystery novel lover and now also writes in the genre. S.E. Rose is currently writing her second romantic comedy which is going to be a rocker romance."
Where were you born and where do you live currently? How are these two places different and which one do you like better?

I was born near New York City, but grew up in the Midwest. I currently live just north of Washington D.C. The Midwest is very different than D.C. I'd say that people in the Midwest are more friendly, but I love where I currently live. There's always something to do! And I get to meet people from all over the U.S. and the world!

Who all are a part of your family? How critical are they of your writing?

I live with my hubby and two kiddos. My second book in my Portentous Destiny Series was only written because I adopted my children from Colombia. So, I suppose that makes them pretty critical to my writing, or at least in that book. In all seriousness, my entire family is a great support system to me. They are my biggest cheerleaders.

How many pets do you have? Who do you have the strongest bond with?

I currently have three cats (yep, crazy cat lady). We've had many pets, birds, lizards, dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, you name it. My strongest bond was with a cat that passed away a few years ago. I would say I'm equally bonded with all three of my current cats.

You are really fond of going to concerts. Which is the best concert you have ever been to?

That is really tough! U2 is one of my favorite bands, so seeing them is always amazing. The last Coldplay concert I went to was off the charts interactive, which I loved. But really, I enjoy going to smaller venues with indie bands. The last time I saw my favorite indie band, Civil Twilight, we were sitting right by the stage, and we just started chatting with the lead singer, so that was pretty awesome.

What do you love photographing the most? Have you ever done it professionally?

Nature photography is what I love the most. I've never sold any photos, but I have taken photos for family and friends at special events. I love black and white photography the most. And my current obsession is using a macro lens on my phone camera, it works surprisingly well.

What is your favorite food? Do you yourself enjoy cooking?

All food...lol. I guess if I had to pick, cheese (It goes great with wine...hehe.). I love to cook, when I have time. I've been cooking with family since I was little. I find it very therapeutic, espeically if I can crack open a good bottle of wine and cook with my family as sous chefs.

What is your day job and what is your favorite part of it?

I work in environmental law. I love everything about it. At the end of a really good work day, I usually feel proud of my accomplishments and how they will not only help a few people, but an entire ecosystem or population of a species. Especially as a mom, it hits home even more that being a good steward for our planet is so very important. I want my kids to see the same amazing animals and places that I've seen.

What is your favorite setting to write in?

I usually write at my desk, but sometimes I like to crawl in bed with my laptop or sit out on my deck.

‘Island’ was the first book in Portentous Destiny Series. What inspired you to write it?

I guess I was daydreaming. I spent a summer studying in Scotland and something about walking the paths along the coast was very soothing to me. I've been extremely lucky to travel extensively, and I find that I capture snapshots from each location and store them in my memory bank. When I need to escape or calm down, I pull up those memories. And that's how that story started.

What about the character of ‘laura’ in ‘Island’ is most interesting or attractive to you?

I think I find Laura's determination to perservere after tragedy an important quality. But mostly, the fact that she's an adoptive mother. Many stories are told from the viewpoint of orphans or adoptees, but not as many are told from the perspective of the adoptive parent, a viewpoint near and dear to my heart.

The second book in the Portentous Destiny Series is releasing this year. How excited are you for it? What are your expectations from it?

Book Two, Secrets, releases on June 12 and I am so excited for that!! This was my favorite of the five Portentous Destiny Series to write because I spent so much time in it's setting, Colombia, when I adopted my children. I wanted to paint a picture of that location's beauty and the friendliness and kindness of it's people, but I also knew it would make an excellent setting for my second book. I hope everyone who read Island will also love Secrets!

How many books do you plan to write in Portentous Destiny series?

There will be a total of five books, and they will be released over the course of ten months.

‘Neighbor in Apartment no.5’ is a wonderful mystery. Do you read mystery novels yourself? Which is your favorite?

Mystery novels are my first book love. (I was a Scooby Doo fan as a small child, so that is definitely my favorite genre.) Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier is my favorite, but I'm a sucker for a Mary Higgins Clark book. I also like Dan Brown's novels.

Which is the next book you are working on?

I'm currently working on my second romantic comedy. It's going to be a rocker romance. It's an idea I've had in my head for a while. In fact, I even wrote the first chapter, but then it took the back burner as I finished the Portentous Destiny Series, so I'm excited to have time to focus on it again.

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