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Grew up in Long Island NY with parents being from France & Italy and have two siblings. I enjoy interest in writing, poetry, singing, dancing, golf, boating, skiing, traveling and being adventurous in nature. Throughout my youth baseball was a key element to my life and fundamentals of success. Playing 4 years Division I at Stony Brook University winning a championship, MVP, and an experience to play in a college regional while there. After college I played 3 years professional baseball working to get that break to the MLB. But during my junior year in college I started a business in the ecommerce world at 20 years old that become successful.

Over the past few years I’ve been blessed to have the ability to speak in front of 1,000s of people across America & parts of the world with what I have learned & experienced. Throughout this time not only did I learn about business, leadership, personal growth or organizational building but was able to obtain life experiences with highs & lows in life.

These experiences have helped me create “The 7 Rocks Of Life” book & “Seven Rock Life” brand. Continuing my entrepreneur journey still while also mentoring others , now my mission is to grow “Project Impact & Charities” to make a true difference in this society. To help those less fortunate & guiding people to live a balanced life of true joy and purpose around the world. Everything purchased through this brand a portion of proceeds goes directly to causes, charities & mission trips.

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The 7 Rocks Of Life: The Key To Filling Up Your Life Cup
The 7 Rocks Of Life: The Key To Filling Up Your Life Cupby Steven MazzurcoPublish: Jun 06, 2019Christian Fiction Children's Poetry Advice & How To Cooking Christian Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality Parenting Business more»

Steven Mazzurco interview On 26, Aug 2019

"Playing Baseball and traveling with his family Experiencing different states & going to the Dominican Republic motivated Steven Mazzurco to give back & help others in his life. For him, the biggest inspirations have been John Maxwell & the Bible. His property is where he does most of his writing. The 7 rocks of life were his first book. Continuing his entrepreneur journey still while also mentoring others, now his mission is to grow “Project Impact & Charities” to make a true difference in this society."
Growing up in Long Island NY, which is your fondest childhood memory?

Playing Baseball and traveling with my family Experiencing different states & going to Dominican Republic motivated me to give back & help others in my life.

What makes baseball exciting for you? What makes it boring?

That everyday is a new game and new at bat to get a hit. Its like life you can get a new at bat everyday. Just make sure you don't take yesterdays at bat into todays if it was bad. Learn from it but expire that story! Most boring thing is when you are in outfield and no baseballs are hit to you.

In life, who has been your biggest inspiration as an author? What are some ways in which you try and be an inspiration to others?

Biggest inspirations have been John Maxwell & the Bible. They both taught me so much about life in all areas. Everyday I wake up saying how can I be a better person to inspire others by example not just by what I say. Let you feet be louder than your tongue!

What are the contexts or the situations in which you most enjoy writing?

I think being able to allow the read to open your "Mail" meaning you allow them in your life and hope to share insight that affects them because they relate and changes their life.

What kind of research did you have to do while writing "The 7 Rocks Of Life"?

Lots of reading and audios to learn about all 7 rocks of life. Plus 11+ years of being a mentor to others you learn from the ups and downs of what to do and not. But also self reflection was very important research that has helped write this book. Allowing the universe to speak into me and listen to the "downloads" not (Life) gives you everyday to learn from!

Who do you usually go to when it comes to writing advice?

I don't have anyone its really what's on my heart & God. I feel he speaks to me on what is best to write down when it comes from the heart. Also learning from other authors is great but I believe we all have our own "Style" & "Swing" that makes us all unique.

What kind of message are you hoping to spread with "The 7 Rocks Of Life"?

Living To Inspire everyday no matter where you are in life. Create a world that completes each other & doesn't just compete. To grow in the 7 rocks of life and become the best version you were meant to be. To break those chains of life and live life with efficiency in all 7 areas.

Do authors ever go on holiday? When was the last time you went on holiday and what did you do?

Many people go on vacation but I like calling it Traveling The Playground Of The World! You should build a life that is so good that you don't need to "VACATE" your life or go away to escape reality.

If you ever get writer’s block, where do you go to overcome it or what activities help you overcome it?

My property is where I do most of my writing. Having nature around me allows me to think clear. The flow that is created when in nature is amazing!

How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

I believe being a person that Loves, Serves & Forgives is key to making the world a better place. Figure out your medicine in life meaning what makes you excited to give to the world. What is your talent for society. Are you consuming or producing things for the world to be a better place.

Which was the first book you wrote? Did you publish it or plan to?

The 7 rocks of life was my first book. I have tried to start others but never finished. But this was my first of others I will write in the future!

How long have you been an author and what are some of the most valuable lessons you've learnt since?

Really my whole life. I think we are all authors in our own way. We choose to write, speak, sing or do different careers so we write in our own ways. Biggest thing I have learned is it is rewarding to see. others lives change because of what you put into a book. Be you when writing and don't have an avatar of something that you are not. Be authentic!

What do you feel about self-publishing? What are its pros and cons?

I think its great you and you must learn how to market to your audience properly. Getting your name out there and book.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I have some special projects coming out in the next 12-24 months. But a few things I can share are our amazing clothing brand SevenRockLife.Com which gives back clothes/items every month around the world. We have our new fall collection coming put September 1st! We also have our Inspiring Music Festivals....LivingToInspire.Com which launch November which are going to be so impactful and fun! Living to inspire festivals will be in 7 select cities. It is a new unique experience designed to educate and connect each other though living a Seven Rock Life mentality. Also I started a private mentorship program where I am mentoring a few people a year which I truly love doing. So those are a few things!

What are your thoughts on AllAuthor and its services? Do you have any feedback?

They have been great and very. professional. They do a great job marketing and just being there for you to launch and promote your book Truly appreciate their help!

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