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Shaylin Gandhi

Shaylin Gandhi

At age ten, I secretly stole my mother’s copy of Clan of the Cave Bear and fell madly in love with love stories. The good ones are magic; they capture life’s richest emotions and pin them to the page like butterflies under glass. Now, as an author, I still can't get enough—the tales I spin all center around affairs of the heart. To me, that's what makes a story truly worth telling.

Besides writing, I try to stamp my passport at every opportunity. Traveling has been a lifelong passion, and I’m lucky to have done it a lot. My husband and I even spent an entire summer living in our van, touring the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska. My most memorable trips often tie in with writing: my books are usually inspired by majestic places that stole my breath.
In addition, I practice medicine, scuba dive, play the piano, and once rode my bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. I now live in Denver with my incredible husband, our identical twin daughters, and two adorable rescue dogs. We can usually be found in the mountains, either hiking up or skiing down.

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By the Light of Embers: A Novel
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
By the Light of Embers: A Novelby Shaylin GandhiPublish: May 09, 2019Historical Fiction Women's Fiction Literary Fiction
The Wildflowers at the Edge of the World: A Novel
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Wildflowers at the Edge of the World: A Novelby Shaylin GandhiPublish: Apr 01, 2020Action & Adventure Historical Romance Western Romance Historical Fiction Women's Fiction

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