He who governed the world before I was born shall take care of it likewise when I am dead. My part is to improve the present moment. John Wesley

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I grew up in a large family in a small town where creating your own entertainment was important. I have always been creative whether it was making up stories, drawing, painting, or doing all kinds of other crafts. I began writing journals and short stories pretty early on and always enjoyed using my imagination. Seems kind of funny then that I hated English as a subject in school. When I attended university, where I studied business, writing took a back seat and continued to do so for many years as my career and life took over. It was a few years back after the death of a family member that I turned to writing once again. One afternoon I was sitting outside with my dog and I grabbed a notebook and started to write a story. Writing became a great outlet for all of the grief that I was dealing with. It wasn't until a little while ago that I decided that I would like to write a book and put it out there to see if others would enjoy my offering. Writing is a terrific way to take you away from some of the stresses of life as you live vicariously through the characters that you create if only for a little while. I hope that you enjoy my stories.

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Sweet Charity

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Sweet Charity


4 (92 ratings)

Finding Faith (The Black Mavericks MC, Book 2)


Publication Date: Dec 21, 2015

4.5 (28 ratings)

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