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Shree Venkatesh has a passion for writing . She feels writing brings out the actual personality of anyone . It is the best way to express one’s intrinsic emotions. Her first article was published in a supplement of THE TELEGRAPH way back in 1993. She has been continuously writing poetry, blogs, small articles and novels from then onwards . The birth of her Preemie twins, the tough NICU journey as well as the challenge to raise her American twins with Indian values, encouraged her to continue with her passion for writing. Her writings range from sharing her experience of NICU with other Moms in similar situations to parenting her Indian- American kids since these kids face a big challenge in bridging two different cultures, traditions and customs as second generation migrants. She loves writing fictions . Shree Venkatesh was born in Kolkata , India . She grew up with her parents, brother and grandfather . Her mother who is a voracious reader is her inspiration. She is married to Venkatesh with two adorable twins and settled in Dallas, USA for the past 2 decades. She is a CPA by profession. When she is not dealing with numbers, she is a super mom or penning her thoughts!

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Miracle Of life: The NICU Journey
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Miracle Of life: The NICU Journeyby Shree VenkateshPublish: Apr 16, 2018Women's Fiction

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      • Shree Venkatesh Shree Venkatesh 3 years ago
      • My mother has been the biggest inspiration for me to start writing . I have been writing since school days but started taking my passion to write seriously since last 4 years
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