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From an early age, Shunya (author's pen name, meaning empty) was deeply curious about the nature of reality underlying our body and mind framework. And, since his school days, he started exploring various philosophies and teachers with intense curiosity. Over time, he practiced several forms of yogic-meditative techniques, which he loves to share with other curious souls along with his personal learnings in simple and direct ways.
His self-defined goal is to reset human consciousness at the basic existential level where the nature of experience and experiencer is directly realized, in a natural way. Consequently, we live deeply connected with existence while celebrating our human incarnation.
He ardently believes that fundamentally human learning is three dimensional--in terms of Philosophy, Science, and Arts. And, all other branches can be subsidiary to these three. Everyone should earnestly exert to learn individually and develop collectively these three dimensions of learning. The Philosophical dimension essentially and practically enables an inward-looking attitude, by which one progressively gains insight by moving from the manifested world towards the unified and undifferentiated nature of reality. The second dimension--Science empowers the understanding of the manifested universe, identity, characteristics, and their inter-relationships. Thirdly, Art is a conscious co-creation of the world to beautify our livelihood, includes everything from a drawing book of a pre-school kid to building a nation or a spaceship. The shades of these three elements can be easily seen in his writings.
He is not associated with any religion or organization, nor he holds any title or position in any form to promote his work. The entire work is humbly dedicated to all human beings irrespective of their religious, economic, cultural, or national backgrounds.
In the year 2015, he decided to express his learnings in the forms of writings crystallized in books, poetry, and essays. The book: O Beloved- Being, Becoming, and Beyond is the first book in its series to achieve the goal, as mentioned earlier.
Lastly, he lives a very ordinary and simple life with his family in Seattle, WA, and has a full-time day job in a reputed organization.

More details can be found at www.shunyapragya.com

Email: Shunya@shunyapragya.com

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O Beloved: Being, Becoming and Beyondby Shunya PragyaPublish: May 15, 2020Poetry General Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality

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