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Love to read, travel, write, oil paint and teach. Hope to inspire the next generations to be creative, adventuresome and find their career passion while developing their sense of humor and learning that it's okay to be oneself and not to always have to fit in.

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Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFIt - Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seemsby S. K. GruninPublish: May 29, 2020Humor Teen & Young Adult Children's Parenting

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  • Finalist Elite Author Award in Children/Middle Grades Category

    Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFIt - Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seems

  • Fall 2020 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

    Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFIt - Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seems


Dr. S. K. Grunin interview On 13, Dec 2021

"A retired college professor, Dr. S.K. Grunin loves working with kids and young adults. She retired from teaching at the University of Virginia in 2016. She likes audiences who like to laugh and who like to talk with their kids, grandkids, and students about life lessons and their own experiences. She is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of SW Florida. She resides in Naples, Florida with her family."
What is a childhood memory that makes you smile?

Making a bowl of chocolate frosting and eating it with my brother while my mother was out grocery shopping

Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?

Black Beauty - I thought that some day I wanted to own my very own horse and I did!!

What is a childhood ambition that you had?

To get a PhD and I did so I could teach college and I did.

What inspired your first original story? Did you share the tale with anyone?

My first memory of guessing my sister's birthday present. Not until I began writing the first book when I realized what life lesson could be learned from that experience - that Life Isn't Always What It Seems. In fact this lesson is very helpful right now given the current pandemic that we are living through.

When did you decide to write your book, Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFIt - Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seems?

I always had the stories and tales in my head but after working with kids and seeing how it helped those kids whose parents and teachers helped them learn life lessons at a younger age - a light went off and I decided that I wanted to write a series of books using humor that would trigger kids talking with adults about their own life lessons and experiences. After my boys graduated from college and I had retired from my federal law enforcement and court career, my husband and I decided to go on a month's vacation (while our home was on the market) so I could have uninterrupted time to write. We went to Lisbon, Portugal and found a lovely apartment overlooking a courtyard and I spent my afternoons writing while my husband toured Lisbon on foot. It gave me the uninterrupted time to get the first book of Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit out of my head and down on paper.

What are the things to keep in mind when making a tale humorous?

Keep it light and not too detailed.

Audio book vs e-book vs printed book, which one do you prefer and why?

I like both for different reasons - Print to look at the pictures while you hold it in your hands but then audio to hear the character's voice and laughter - makes a fun impression when listening to certain types of books like Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit.

What kind of audience do you hope to appeal to with your books?

I like audiences who like to laugh and who like to talk with their kids, grandkids and students about life lessons and their own experiences.

What advice would you give your teenage self?

To be able to ignore ridicule and situations that you don't fit in and realize that it's okay and that you need to find your way and be comfortable with yourself even when you don't fit into situations or are made to feel uncomfortable - you don't have to conform to everyone - just learn norms and ethics and then find yourself and your way in life and you can be successful in your own right.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Being honest and to the point and also staying true to your style and purpose of writing.

Which is better practice for an aspiring writer: writing novels or writing short stories?

Short stories - as they are more challenging to say things in less words. Once you master the short story it's easier to write a novel that stays on point.

Do you still teach?

No. I retired from teaching at University of Virginia in 2016. I taught for numerous universities and government universities for over 30 years: including: UVA, UMD, Loyola U of Chicago, American University, Green Mountain College, CIA U, PTO U. , Dept. of Labor U., Dept of Justice U, DOD, DAU, FLETC, Dept of Interior U., Ad. Office of US Courts U, and the Federal Probation Officer Academy. I taught mostly management courses but also taught criminal justice, statistics, ethics and leadership courses. After retiring from the government I taught and wrote my own management text book for UVA. I also started an executive coaching- leadership development company called Think Strategic, LLC - headquartered in McLean, VA. This company held contracts with various government and universities and provided leadership development, executive coaching, human capital consulting and training to places like: US Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Interior, CIA and many more. I served as CEO from 2007 the present; I am in the process of selling the company now as I recently started a new company - SkgCreations, LLC - website: Https://www.SkgCreations.com I also am an artist and sell both my books and my paintings and photography on my website and on Fine Art America (link can be found on my website). This new company will allow me to focus on my writing, painting and my new grandchild.

In what ways do you try to inspire the next generations to be creative?

By learning to be comfortable in one's own skin and personality. Learning how to express oneself without being hurtful to others and embarrassing to oneself. This is done by spending time becoming comfortable with yourself, journaling your ideas and exploring what type of media you enjoy expressing your inner self.

Can you tell us about your current projects? When can the readers expect your next book in print?

Yes, Book 2 -of Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit - Life Isn't Always Fair is currently in production by London publisher, Austin Macauley. It should be available in bookstores and on Amazon in 2022. For those wanting to know when it is released click on "Follow Author" under SK Grunin - Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit - Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seems and you will receive an email notification when Amazon gets the book to sell. The plan is to have a series of at least 7 books of life lessons as Little MisFit grows up. In book 1 she is ages 3 1/2 through 9. Book 2 she is 10 years old and in the Fifth Grade. Until you reach book 7 when she will be in her golden years.

What are your thoughts on AllAuthor? Is this a website you see yourself using for some time even in the future?

Yes - it provides a nice overview and great information about books and authors. I see myself using it far into the future.

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