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I'm an award-winning, bestselling author of mystery/thrillers and contemporary erotic romance. I'm also a freelance writer/photographer and blogger. When I'm not writing I can often be found in The Florida Keys, indulging my passion for parasailing while seeking out the perfect Mojito.

Tim Smith Books

The Neon Jungle (Nick Seven Book 6)by Tim SmithPublish: Jul 19, 2019Series: Nick Seven Book 6Crime Fiction
The Other Woman (Vic Fallon Book 4)
The Other Woman (Vic Fallon Book 4)by Tim SmithPublish: Oct 05, 2018Series: Vic FallonMysteries
Memories Die Last
Memories Die Lastby Tim SmithPublish: Nov 15, 2011Series: Nick Seven Book 1Romantic Suspense
the Dirty Blonde (Vic Fallon Book 3)
the Dirty Blonde (Vic Fallon Book 3)by Tim SmithPublish: Aug 21, 2014Series: Vic Fallon Book 3Mysteries
The Last Sunset (Key West Heat Book 1)
The Last Sunset (Key West Heat Book 1)by Tim SmithPublish: Jul 23, 2017Series: Key West Heat Book 1Erotic Romance
Beauty and the Beach
Beauty and the Beachby Tim SmithPublish: Jul 15, 2018Series: Key West Heat Book 2Erotic Romance
Lido Key (Vic Fallon Book 2)
Lido Key (Vic Fallon Book 2)by Tim SmithPublish: May 01, 2012Series: Vic Fallon Book 2Crime Fiction
The Bundle
The Bundleby Tim SmithPublish: Mar 15, 2011Series: Vic Fallon Book 1Mysteries
Catch and Release (Nick Seven Book 5)
Catch and Release (Nick Seven Book 5)by Tim SmithPublish: Sep 23, 2016Series: Nick Seven Book 5Romantic Suspense
Operation Payback (Nick Seven Book 4)
Operation Payback (Nick Seven Book 4)by Tim SmithPublish: Dec 21, 2014Series: Nick Seven Book 4Romantic Suspense
Warning Shot (Nick Seven Book 3)
Warning Shot (Nick Seven Book 3)by Tim SmithPublish: Sep 15, 2013Series: Nick Seven Book 3Romantic Suspense
Never Look Back (Nick Seven Book 2)
Never Look Back (Nick Seven Book 2)by Tim SmithPublish: Sep 01, 2012Series: Nick Seven Book 2Romantic Suspense
Once Upon a Sunset (Key West Heat Book 3)
Once Upon a Sunset (Key West Heat Book 3)by Tim SmithPublish: May 03, 2019Series: Key West HeatErotic Romance
Santa Slept Here
Santa Slept Hereby Tim SmithPublish: Dec 23, 2017Erotic Romance

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