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I am the author of a poetry book entitled Drops of Ink: Trials of the Endurer. I love spoken word and hip hop and like engaging in conversations with people of all backgrounds and cultures.

My first book isn't selling great (I'm not marketing great) but I'm already starting production on my second book entitled Letters from Afar. I'm excited about the project and looking forward to pushing it under my own umbrella.

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Drops of Ink: Trials of the Endurerby Anthony BriscoePublish: May 25, 2019

Tony Briscoe interview On 25, May 2020

"Tony Briscoe starting writing poems when he was 4 or 5. With his poems, he is sure to inspire all his readers. His writing is scintillating and transparent. This artist is gifted at what he does. The author has passion and makes that passion bleed through the pages."
Where were you born and where were you raised? What was your childhood like?

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Childhood was ok. Different fosters homes but I survived.

How were you first introduced to writing?

I starting writing poems when I was 4 or 5 asking The Creator to save me from chaos.

What were some of your favorite activities as a child? What do you miss the most about your childhood?

I liked playing hide-go-seek and strike-out (baseball with a stick). I miss my grandmother.

What inspired you to write and publish your first book, Drops of Ink: Trials of the Endurer?

I wanted my daughter to have a lifelong memory of me and share my writings with the world. I wanted people to know a troubled past doesn’t have to mean a miserable present or a painful future.

Are you drawn to any other genre that you would consider writing in the future?

I like the art of storytelling from an abstract lens and working on a developing story which I introduced in Drops of Ink.

What is the biggest challenge while writing a memoir but in poetic verse?

Grammar, syntax, and editing. It’s free verse, it’s prose so Spoken Word editing requires a u inquest skill and talent. Finding errors after your publish is hard to swallow, especially amongst gifted writers on All author and I will do better next round.

Your first book of poetry is deep and touching. Which is the best compliment or fan-mail you have received for your work?

My boss said he was expecting another boring read but wanted to support me, to his surprise he said he wasn’t expecting fonts changes, imagery, or the visualization I painted with words. He was impressed.

How much discipline does it take to be a writer? Would you say you are disciplined?

It takes the discipline of commitment. No, I am not disciplined, hence, replying to this email super late. Working full time is a dream crusher if you haven’t mastered routines. I am in professional development now to conquer that.

Who all are a part of your family? Do they give you any story ideas or plots to work on?

I have a poetry team and we push each other but hoping to network outside of that to get fresh ideas. Not many story ideas, I like to write serious content. I am not fluffy. I am too serious.

What advice would you give to someone who is writing his/her first book?

Take your time, plan a marketing strategy first, edit edit edit, let others edit, edit, read, edit. Ok, that was a lot but editing is really key to be trusted amongst authors.

Is there anything from the past you wish you could do differently? If yes, what is it?

Yes, wish I would have believed in myself more. When you are 48, no where near retirement, I wish I would have risked more on my future and followed big dreams with bigger actions.

Where do you live? What do you love the most about the place you live in now?

I live in Chicago. It’s a vibrant place that has the same issues as other big cities but I love my city and the work I do for young people.

How do you feel about the rise in digital books in recent years?

It’s a sign of the times. We must grow with technological times but there is nothing like the rustling of pages.

Which is the next book you are working on?

Letters from a far, a short story of choices and decisions that impact other people.

How long have you been with AllAuthor now? What are your thoughts on this platform so far?

I like the platform. I have been on a little under a year. I like the people and opportunities and need to network more. Oh, your mash ups are unreal. I love how you layout author title pages in multiple backdrops!

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