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Tony Garritano was raised by a single mom that made him who he is today. Now he lives in a small town in Connecticut with his best friend/wife, two sons, mother-in-law, two cats and two dogs. Tony enjoys cartooning, Star Trek and quiet time with his family, pets and a good book. As a child, he grew up dreaming of being a mystery writer. Today that dream is a reality. Winner of Four OUTSTANDING CREATOR BOOK AWARDS; the LITERARY TITAN BOOK AWARD; the MAINCREST MEDIA BOOK AWARD for Mystery/Suspense; the FIREBIRD BOOK AWARD for Suspense; and the INDIES TODAY BOOK AWARD, his first book “I Saw What I Saw” is available on Amazon.com.

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I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1
$2.99 kindleeBook,
I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1by Anthony GarritanoPublish: Nov 30, 2021Series: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy MysterySuspense Mystery Romantic Suspense Humor

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  • A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery

    1 I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1 - Published on Nov, 2021

Tony Garritano's Awards and Achievements

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  • Firebird Book Award for Suspense

    I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1

  • First Prize in the Cozy Mystery Category of the BookFest Award Program

    I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1

  • Maincrest Media Mystery/Suspense Award Winner

    I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1

  • Outstanding Creator Awards Winner

    I Saw What I Saw: A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery - Book 1


Tony Garritano Interview On 07, Sep 2022

"Journalist and a talented aspiring mystery writer, Tony Garritano always had a dream of becoming one. He grew up in New York. He has been a journalist for over 20 years now. He is the Winner of Four OUTSTANDING CREATOR BOOK AWARDS. He enjoys cartooning Star Trek, and quiet time with his family, pets, and a good book. He and his wife live in Connecticut with their two sons and cats and dogs."
What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

Every year for my birthday my grandmother would let me pick out a Broadway Play that I wanted to see, and she would take me. There’s nothing like live theatre. It transports you to new plays and informs your way of thinking about the world. To this day I cannot get enough theatre in my life.

What advice can you share from your experience from being raised by a single parent?

My Mother is so loving and supportive of me, so I never felt alone or unloved. She’s always there for me encouraging me to do my best to achieve my dreams.

What is it like to live in Connecticut?

I grew up in New York so moving to Connecticut was a transition. Any time someone asks me where I’m from my gut reaction is to say New York. Connecticut offers a slower, more quiet existence. It’s very peaceful and calming here in Connecticut.

What is your favorite childhood cartoon show?

I watched so many cartoons as a child. I think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is my favorite. I like the idea of everyday animals being transformed into superheroes and doing what’s right to improve their city and rid it on crime.

How did you come up with the idea of "I Saw What I Saw"?

My wife is Nigerian, and we have two boys together. As a child I never feared the police but having two biracial sons has made me look at my society very differently. I was impacted by the call for criminal justice reform, and I wanted to capture that moment in this society and say something about it all. I also really wanted to write a comedic piece. So, I hope readers will laugh out loud as they read the book, but also thinking about some of the ills of our society, as well.

How many books do you plan to write in the "A Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery" series?

As many as I can write. Now that I’ve started writing about these delightful people I don’t envision stopping. There are so many more stories that I want to tell.

What are the steps to writing a mystery novel?

I’m sure every writer has a different approach. So, I can’t really say this is the best way to write a mystery. For me I see the beginning and the end in my mind first and fill in the middle as I go along. In the beginning I set up the major characters and the murder so I know who the suspects are, who will be murdered, and how they’ll be murdered. From there I plan the ending. I decide who will be the murderer and I see that climactic scene when Sheila figures it out and reveals the guilty party, It’s also important to me that I speak to an issue in society that bothers me. I watch a lot of news. So, I try to incorporate a news topic that touches me. After that I throw in as much romance and comedy as I can muster. Reading should be fun in my view. I want the reader to laugh out loud when they read my books and really feel connected to the characters at the same time.

Do you ever think about moving back to your hometown?

No. I like my hometown but I really enjoy having a calmer life here in Connecticut.

What was your reaction on winning the MAINCREST MEDIA BOOK AWARD for Mystery/Suspense?

I was really shocked at first. I never imagined winning an award. However, it is nice to know that others are responding so well to the book and are really enjoying reading it.

Who was the best captain on Star Trek: Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko or Archer?

I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. I used to stay up past midnight as a kid watching reruns of the original Star Trek. I am really loving Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It reminds me of everything that I thought was so great about Star Trek when I first started watching. For me, Janeway is the best captain. She is smart, tough, principled, and caring all at the same time.

Is there really such a thing as objective journalism?

I’ve been a journalist for over 20 years now. I think opinion has dominated more and more in journalism these days. It becomes more about how you present your opinion vs. how you cover the ins and outs of the story. That’s a shame. I don’t need my fellow journalists to form my opinion of a story for me, I want to do that on my own after being presented the facts. There are still some outlets that practice what I will call “traditional” journalism, but they are few and far between. “Opinion” journalism is taking over unfortunately.

What did you look for in a perfect wife?

I met my wife Freshman Year at college. We started off as best friends. I think if you’re best friends you can grow and thrive together more fluidly because marriage is hard. It’s work. For me it was important that my wife be smart and challenge me to be the best me possible.

How many cats and/or dogs do you live with and what are their names?

Me and my two sons volunteers at the local animal shelter. When you see so many animals in need you just can’t help bringing a few home, in my opinion. Right now, we have two cats, one is named Opal and the other is called Truffles. We also have two dogs, one called Woofles and the other is Halo.

What are you currently working on? May we know when we can expect a new book?

I am working on the second book in The Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery Series. Engagement parties are supposed to be joyous events, but this one ends in murder. It will be out this year, so stay tuned.

What do you like the most about AllAuthor? Do you have any suggestions for the website?

I really love the service. I feel like I am a part of a writing community. I think it would be great to expand the platform to allow for virtual events so the authors can meet up and share ideas.

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