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Uncle Dave Howard

Uncle Dave Howard

Author, David M. Howard is an autistic writer, award-winning author, and illustrator. Always with that in mind for those children who have the same challenges, he is known throughout Pennsylvania as Uncle Daves Books, and several of Dave's titles are Readers Favorite Book Award Winners and proves even with disabilities, he never lets them get in the way of achieving all his literary and professional accomplishments ...

He overcame his disabilities as he graduated in 1995 from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh earning a degree in Visual Communications. Affectionately known as “Uncle Dave”, he tours local schools, libraries, festivals, and universities reading to the masses and giving children advice on how they can create books from their imagination.

Uncle Dave was reading at Monongahela Library when a woman walked up to him afterward crying. He remembered her quickly; she was his Learning Disability teacher from high school. She was so proud he persevered and overcame his disabilities and only some of the blessings Dave has received when speaking at events.

Dave is currently writing several new books and his favorite genre is rhyming text and computer illustrations for the very young readers. He resides with his wife outside Pittsburgh PA.

Uncle Dave Howard Books

$2.99kindleeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Green Pickle Juice (Children's Book)by Uncle Dave HowardPublish: Dec 01, 2019Children's
Billy Beakhorn and the Booger Man
$4.99kindleeBook, Paperback,
Billy Beakhorn and the Booger Manby Melanie MichaelPublish: Sep 05, 2019Children's
A Whale of a Tale: A Jonah and the Whale story
Paperback, Signed Paperback,
A Whale of a Tale: A Jonah and the Whale storyby Uncle Dave HowardPublish: Aug 08, 2017Children's
The Day The Chocolate Melted Away (Sarris Candy Kindom Chronicles)
The Day The Chocolate Melted Away (Sarris Candy Kindom Chronicles)by Uncle Dave HowardPublish: Feb 20, 2019Children's

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