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Victoria Jayne is the epitome of a Jersey Girl. She doesn’t [know how to] pump her own gas, enjoys pork roll, and grew up on the Jersey Shore. The only daughter sandwiched between two brothers, she was a bit of a Tom-boy as a child. As an adult, she’s lived throughout the state of New Jersey.

She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and from Walden University with a Masters in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling. After getting her undergraduate degree, and while getting her Masters, Victoria worked in the human services field for non-profit agencies providing services for adults with traumatic brain injuries and/or developmental disabilities.

In an online audio/visual chat room, she met her husband, a sports journalist. After dating for several years, they got married, and now have two darling daughters (below the age of five).

Victoria writes contemporary romance. Currently, her published works are of the paranormal romance variety. The world of alpha men, wolf shifters, and vampires have titillated her since high school when she read Anne Rice for the first time. She devoured books by Suzanne Wright, JD Tyler, and Dianne Duvall.

Branching out, she became obsessed with motorcycle club romances when she discovered the works for Joanna Wylde, Madeline Sheehan, Tillie Cole, and Kim Jones. She’s currently working on her own motorcycle club series.

When not writing, Victoria being the play-by-play announcer for her daughters when they run obstacle courses. Baking is a hobby she hopes to pass down to her children as they grow up. She spends most of her evenings unwinding while role-playing on second life. When hockey’s in season, she roots for the New Jersey Devils.

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The Witch of the Prophecy
(5) $3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
The Witch of the Prophecyby Victoria JaynePublish: Jan 11, 2019Series: Prophecy SeriesParanormal Romance
The Wolf of the Prophecy (The Prophecy Trilogy Book 2)
(5) $0.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Wolf of the Prophecy (The Prophecy Trilogy Book 2)by Victoria JaynePublish: Jul 02, 2019Series: Prophecy SeriesParanormal Romance
The Vampire of the Prophecy: A Vampire, Witch and Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (The Prophecy Trilogy Book 3)
$3.99 kindleeBook,

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  • Prophecy Series

    The Wolf of the Prophecy (The Prophecy Trilogy Book 2) - Published on Jul, 2019 The Witch of the Prophecy - Published on Jan, 2019

Victoria Jayne interview On 29, Apr 2019

"Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Victoria was an insatiable reader. Currently, she is fangirling all over Madeline Sheehan. Her favorite thing to make is seafood fra diablo. She does like to cook but lack the energy lately. She loves wolf shifter books. She wanted to write her own when she ran out of books from her favorite authors. Victoria started writing as a hobby while still in high school. Her ability to sit and actually read is limited. Currently, she is all about motorcycle club romance."
Growing up on the Jersey Shore, which is your favorite childhood memory?

Going to the beach with all my cousins. Lugging all the stuff down to the spot, and boogie boarding, getting knocked over by waves. Eating sandwiches with sand in them and not caring.

Who is your all-time favorite author? Being an insatiable reader, who introduced you to the world of literature?

My all-time favorite author changes the more I read. Currently, I am fangirling all over Madeline Sheehan. I had a teacher in middle school; I want to say seventh grade. She had a little cart of books she would go from class to class, and she taught us "Language Arts." She taught us Edgar Allen Poe "The Cask of Amantleato," and S.E.Hinton's the Outsiders. They were two fantastic books. From there I went on to binge R.L. Stein's Fear Street Series. Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles.

What do you love the most about works of R.L. Stein and S.E. Hinton? How do they inspire you?

R.L Stein's books were quick reads with a lot of action and drama. At the age, I read them the characters were my age, so I related to them. S.E. Hinton was just a classic. I loved the outlaw world of greasers and Soc's.

How would you describe your experience of being a member of the Romance Writers of America?

I love it, and I wish I could be more active. With a 6-month-old and a 2 and 1/2-year-old, it's hard to get out and do things. But they have been an invaluable resource through the newsletters and group discussions.

Are you a New Jersey Devils Hockey fan? What do you love the most about the sport?

I do love me the Devils. They were "born" the same year I was: 1982. I am a Jersey Girl through and through, so its only natural to like Jersey's team. I love the fast pace of hockey.

Which is your favorite show on Netflix?

Do I have to pick just one? Dear Lord! 13 Reasons Why. That just really shook me. That and You.

You often share food pictures on your Instagram. Do you love cooking? Which is your favorite dish?

Not usually. A few times. I do like to cook, but lack the energy lately. My favorite thing to make is seafood fra diablo. Its got spice and yumminess all over pasta. YUM

What inspired the plot of "The Witch of the Prophecy?" What is the key theme and/or message in the book?

I love wolf shifter books. I wanted to write my own when I ran out of books from my favorite authors. I also like vampires so included that too. When I wrote it, I had no clue about a theme or message. I completely went off the cuff or "pants'ed" it. But I guess now that it's done, the message would be that even when it appears your hand is forced, there is still a choice.

Do you have a favourite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special?

There is a character that appears in book two, The Wolf of the Prophecy. He has no lines. He has a small scene, but it's pretty essential. He is my favorite.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

Well, this is my first book, my first series, and I hope I keep it fresh. I aim to add more layers to the drama while peeling back more layers and sharing more with the readers.

How much did you research while writing "The Witch of the Prophecy?" What was the most unusual fact you discovered about the vampires?

I google a lot. I have read a lot too. I enjoy paranormal romance, so I have read a lot, and I'm pretty sure what I've read influenced my own world building. I'm not sure anything I discovered was unusual. But in my world, they can have heartbeats and how they get them is special.

How many more books are you planning to add in The Prophecy Trilogy series?

There will be two more. Book 2 just came back from its first round with a professional editor. I want to end it to another editor before I put it out to the world. I should have the cover art very soon.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

Divina would be played by Olivia Wilde (think dark-haired like 13 from House); Jason Mamoa would play Aric because he is who I envision when I think of him. Rori is a bit harder though he's kind of like Daniel Gillies from the Originals only younger. Or Reeve Carney from Penny Dreadful.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, are there any you’d recommend?

OMG yes! As I said five months old and 2 and 1/2 year old. My ability to sit and actually read is limited. I do, however, have a 45min-1hr commute to and from work. So I do audiobooks. Currently, I am all about motorcycle club romance.

What originally attracted you to our website? If you were to review the website what score would you give it out of 5?

Someone else posted something about it on facebook. When I went there, it seemed to be a great place and an excellent resource for new writers. The cover art contest was pretty cool.

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      • Victoria Jayne Victoria Jayne 1 year ago
      • A cover and a title can curse your amazing book or it can elevate a mediocre one. When someone buys your book they are drawn in by the cover and the title. If it's not applicable to the genre or isn't flashy, you're gonna miss an opportunity to draw people on. The cover & title sell books. They don't know-how good your book is until they've read I but they know whether or not they are drawn in by the visual
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      • Victoria Jayne Victoria Jayne 1 year ago
      • Don't fear the editing process. Your babies are still protected they are still yours, and you did a wonderful job making them. Edit yourself, and let an editor look at it. It will only make you and the project better
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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 1 year ago
    • Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?
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      • Victoria Jayne Victoria Jayne 1 year ago
      • Write bin chunks. I write on scenes. So when the scene ends, I stop and process. If it's been an emotional scene then I let that emotion breathe before I go back in there
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