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J. L. Lambert II

J. L. Lambert II
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    Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy Horror
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Jerry L. Lambert II is a Medium author, with his first book being A Good Man's Crux and the Voodoo Princess. A story he began developing in 2020. Now under the guise of a writer, Jerry does his best writing when you're most likely asleep when the witches and warlocks call it quits just before the dawn comes. A lover of the dark and twisted but a sucker for romance and happy endings, he fights this tug of war in his mind to bring you the best he can do. You can read more about what Jerry produces from his Medium Page at https://medium.com/@jerrylanelambertii. It's not a screenplay. It just looks like one.

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$9.99 kindleeBook,
A Good Man's Crux and the Voodoo Princess Vol 1by J. L. Lambert IIPublish: Jan 17, 2023 Action & Adventure Fantasy Horror

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