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A native of Southern California, I ditched the beach scene to while away the hours writing anything and everything I could think of. With the publication of my first short story at the ripe old age of ten, I was hooked.

In one capacity or another, I've been writing all my life, advertising copy, political speeches, screenplays, and novels. Depending on my mood, it can be a mainstream thriller one day, a sexy adult fiction the next, whatever floats my literary boat.

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Storming Jerichoby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Nov 05, 2015Erotic Romance
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Once Upon a Faerieby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Feb 17, 2015Erotic Romance
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Runaway Bratby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Jun 12, 2014Erotic Romance
$3.59 kindleeBook,
Blessing: A Wicked Tails Storyby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Sep 23, 2014Erotic Romance
$2.87 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Surviving Sydney: A Wicked Tails Storyby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Mar 02, 2014Erotic Romance
$6.99 kindleeBook,
A Prudent Manby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Jan 20, 2020Thrillers Suspense Mysteries
Serenity's Child
$2.41 kindleeBook,
Serenity's Childby Shelby Kent-StewartPublish: Jun 09, 2015Erotic Romance

Shelby Kent-Stewart interview On 06, Apr 2020

"Shelby Kent-Stewart discovered the joy of writing at ten, and she has been writing ever since. She is a native of Southern California, born and bred. Her writing style grabs you from the first page. Shelby Kent-Stewart is skilled at world-building and crafting likable, strong characters."
Where were you born? Did you grow up in Southern California?

I'm a native of Southern California, born and bred. Shortly after graduating from college, I left for the bright lights of Manhattan to accept a job writing copy for an advertising firm and never looked back.

What was your childhood like? Which is your fondest memory?

My childhood was pretty much what one would expect in California, lots of sun, fun, and surf. My fondest memory is discovering the joy of writing at ten, and I've been writing ever since.

Why did you choose the romance genre? What are the best and worst parts of writing romance?

Technically, I think the romance genre chose me. Prior to writing 'Surviving Sydney', I had read only one romance book, one highly-touted and not one I would recommend. On a lark, I wrote four chapters of a story I could relate to and sent it off to an on-line publisher that snapped it up. For me, the best part of writing romance is exploring the dynamic between the characters and making it believable. The worst part is keeping the storylines original, the characters fresh and avoiding trending tropes.

How supportive and critical is the family of your books?

I'm extremely fortunate as my family is totally supportive and always has been. Their only criticism is I don't write faster.

What do you feel is the one characteristic that a book has to have to keep you glued to it?

Great question! Actually, I have two. Relatable characters and great dialogue will keep me reading even if the plot is less than stellar.

Who is the first person to read the first draft of your book?

I have a friend who happens to be a wonderful author, and I usually run my drafts by her first. If she gives the go-ahead, I know I'm on the right track.

What is your take on the importance of a good cover and title? Have you ever designed any book cover?

A good cover and title are crucial. They set the stage and tone for everything that follows. I've designed several of my covers, including 'Runaway Brat', 'Storming Jericho' and 'A Prudent Man'. I'm lucky to have found a wonderful cover designer who puts the final touches on them.

Who inspired the character of classical violinist Ashling Michaels in "Once Upon a Faerie"?

I wish I knew. She's one of those rare characters that came fully-formed and drove the story. If I were honest, I'd have to say Ashling wrote the book and I merely channeled it.

Your characters have had different professions like a forensic scientist, a physicist, an architect and so on. How much do you research about different professions before choosing them for your characters?

Whether it's a romance or a thriller, I do extensive research on every aspect of a book before I write it. Because I'm also an ardent reader, I find it difficult to navigate books when I know the author didn't do their homework.

Do you see parts of yourself in the character of Sydney Forrest in Surviving Sydney?

Another great question. To the extent that Sydney is true to herself and willing to put her happiness on the line to find the answers she needs, then yes, I'm in there.

What inspired the intriguing plot of "Runaway Brat"?

There was a time when every book I read had a weak female character. When I recognized it was a mechanism to make the male counterpart more Alpha, I wanted to level the playing field, so I wrote two fiercely independent and determined characters and let the sparks fly.

What is the best writing tip you ever received and who gave it to you?

The best writing tip was an off-hand comment by a Professor in college who said the secret to writing good dialogue is to be a good listener. He was right, by the way, and I'm forever grateful to him.

What are you currently working on?

My current work in progress is 'For Love of Honor', the third and final book in the Wicked Tails Series that includes 'Surviving Sydney' and 'Blessing', all standalones but with recurring characters.

How did you first come across the AllAuthor website? What do you like or dislike about the site?

I believe it was Twitter that first attracted me to AllAuthor. It was only after I joined that I realized what a great decision it was. Your professionalism and dedication to your authors are unequaled. I could not be happier and plan to add my other books over the next few months.

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