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Skye McDonald

Skye McDonald is the author of the Anti-Belle books, a contemporary romance series set in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

As an English teacher, a die-hard romantic, and a huge fan of Nashville's hip new vibe, Skye's Anti-Belle series are standalone novels about sassy GRITS (Girls Raised In the South) learning to love themselves before they can claim their happily ever after. (Spoiler: they always do!) Her first book, Not Suitable for Work, won the 2017 Linda Howard Award of Excellence in the Romantic Sensual and Sizzling category.

When she isn't lost in a love scene or grading student essays, Skye can be found cheering for the University of Tennessee (go Vols!), exploring Brooklyn with her adorable Corgi, or heading off on some new adventure.

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Not Suitable for Work (Anti-Belle Book 1)
(3) $2.99 kindleeBook,
Not Suitable for Work (Anti-Belle Book 1)by Skye McDonaldPublish: Sep 24, 2019Series: Anti-BelleContemporary Romance
Off the Record (Anti-Belle Book 2)
(3) $3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Off the Record (Anti-Belle Book 2)by Skye McDonaldPublish: Dec 10, 2019Series: Anti-BelleContemporary Romance
Nemesis (Anti-Belle Book 3)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Nemesis (Anti-Belle Book 3)by Skye McDonaldPublish: Apr 28, 2020Series: Anti-Belle

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Skye McDonald interview On 08, Apr 2020

"Skye McDonald is a bright and refreshing new voice on the contemporary romance scene. The author knows how to write relatable characters who you root for and relate to. McDonald's writing flows beautifully and her dialogue keeps you turning pages."
Where were you born, and what was your childhood like?

I was born in Nashville, TN. I grew up thinking the city was boring, so I moved away to New York. Now, Nashville is amazing! I go visit my family every chance I can.

In what ways do you think being an English teacher has helped you in your writing career?

Being an English teacher helps me appreciate the art of a good story, no matter the genre. Plus, I keep up to date on trends thanks to my students. :)

Being a die-hard romantic, who is your favorite romance author?

Christina Lauren!

What inspired you to write your first book, Not Suitable for Work?

I had a vision of a room with two desks, and the story fell into place.

How did you begin writing the Anti-Belle series?

I started with Not Suitable for Work and went from there!

How much did you research about web designers while writing your book, Not Suitable for Work?

A good bit, because I'm not one. I needed to understand their job profile and coding languages especially.

Who inspired the character of Nick Field in "Off the Record"?

No one from real life, honestly!

What is it about the romance genre that you enjoy writing it so much? Do you plan to explore any other genres in the future?

I love writing love. I build stories around the thrill of people finding their person. I don't know, but maybe I would write a dystopian novel someday because I love the genre so much!

How did you come up with the character of Mel, the social media guru for Jessie Storms?

I imagined a girl in a wig, why she would be wearing one, what she would be doing that would lead her to find her old love, and I went from there.

Did you expect your first book to win the 2017 Linda Howard Award of Excellence in the Romantic Sensual and Sizzling category? What was your reaction?

I definitely didn't expect that, as I literally never win anything! But it was a great honor, even though I was surprised to know people thought of my book as "sizzling".

How many books are you planning to write in the Anti-Belle series?

There are 6 novels, 4 novellas, and a prequel trilogy.

Off The Record is a steamy and emotional second chance romance between Nick and Mel. Do you believe in second chances?

Of course. If it's what you both want.

If you could describe your journey as an author in one word, what would it be?


How would you ensure your stories are captivating and entertaining?

I like strong dialogue and characters who feel like people you might know.

On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate AllAuthor? Has this site been all that you hoped it would be or are there some things you would like to change?

AllAuthor is great! 10!

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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 8 months ago
    • What is that one thing you think readers generally don't know about your specific genre?
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      • Skye McDonald Skye McDonald 8 months ago
      • Romance is too frequently dismissed as "trashy" or "beach reads"--books with no substance. While, yes, there are plenty light and fluffy romance novels, the genre isn't sufficiently respected. Romance is about women discovering themselves and claiming their desires; they are fantasy, and they are very far from "silly." Pleasure and love should be valued and esteemed, not derided!
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      • Skye McDonald Skye McDonald 8 months ago
      • I had a vision in my mind and a story to go with it. That was the fall of 2014, so almost 6 years now. Since then I've written many books, but for now two are out in the world. (The 3rd in April 2020!)
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