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Born in Florida, I am a resident of the US, but now I reside on a lovely island in British Columbia Canada with my mother and two dogs, and one cat. During the early years of my life, I worked in the business industry, thus reaching my goal of obtaining my degree in Business Management. 
I love to read, and over my lifetime, I have probably read hundreds of books. Now that life has given a bit more time to concentrate on my personal life, I am following God and writing fun, fanciful fiction stories, which blend over into the fantasy realm.
 I hope that each time I put words on the paper, it makes you want to read it. I always hope someone has fallen in love with my words and wants to continue reading them.

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(3) $7 kindleeBook, Paperback, Audio,
Gold Cavern: The Legend of Goldumby Zola BluePublish: Sep 16, 2020Crime Fiction Thrillers Mysteries Action & Adventure Literary Fiction
(3) $4.99 kindleeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
The Four: Destruction of Honor (The Mejuarian Book 1)by Zola BluePublish: Feb 19, 2020Series: The Mejuarian Epic AdventureSupernatural Suspense Literary Fiction Christian Fiction African American Interest Science Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's more»
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Audio, Signed Paperback,
Bound in Strength: Stance Upon Heartache (The Mejuarian)by Zola BluePublish: Mar 01, 2021Series: The Mejuarian Epic AdventureSupernatural Suspense Contemporary Romance African American Interest Fantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's more»
$4.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Courage of One (Conviction to Standby zola bluePublish: Jul 01, 2021Series: The Mejuarian Epic AdventureThrillers Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

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  • The Mejuarian Epic Adventure

    Courage of One (Conviction to Stand - Published on Jul, 2021 Bound in Strength: Stance Upon Heartache (The Mejuarian) - Published on Mar, 2021 The Four: Destruction of Honor (The Mejuarian Book 1) - Published on Feb, 2020

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    Courage of One (Conviction to Stand

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    2021 award

Zola Blue interview On 03, Jun 2021

"Born in Florida, Zola Blue is a writer of fictional novels. With a Master's in Business Administration, she has worked within the business industry all her life in one form or another. In 2011, Zola and her husband began working on the series of the Mejuarian. Her books take the readers on an entertaining, shocking journey with mystical characters. She enjoys reading fiction in the genre of horror, fantasy, thrillers."
What is one lesser-known fact about your childhood?

As a child I lived happily in a southern neighborhood and I was never introduced to much of the arts. My family was very spiritual, and church was big part of my life. Although my faith waned for a part of my life, it now most of my writing involves some type of spiritual centering.

What kind of books do you love to read?

Mostly I read and enjoy fiction in the genre of Horror, fantasy, thrillers. My favorite writers are Dean Koontz, CL Lewis, Ann Rice, some of Stephen Kings work, and Robert Jorden.

How's life residing on a lovely island in British Columbia Canada?

My decision and move to an island in the pacific was paramount in my pursuit of time to write. In quiet serenity away from most of the hustle and bustle, I feel almost free to allow my mind to wander toward fantastic fantasies.

How has been your experience of working in the business industry?

All of my life I have worked within the business industry in one form or another. A Master's in Business Administration, it has been a door opener and a motivator in my writing and afforded me many opportunities; however, now I am moving away from it so that I may take more time to write. Part time writing is possible, I find it takes so long that I lose my conductivity.

What inspires you to write fun, fanciful fiction stories?

I love to garden; I would do it all day if I had the time. To me gardening is mother natures fireworks and Gods great beauty to us. I plan and organize my writing like I do my gardening trying to create beauty and emotions in the words I put on paper.

What challenges did you face while writing your novel, Gold Cavern: The Legend of Goldum?

In the midst of writing my Mejuarian series my husband started writing a screenplay about a search for gold. He had always enjoyed this genre and particularly enjoyed an old western movie, McKenna’s Gold. I decided to turn the screen play into a novel with the premise of creating more than a financial intrigue in the gold but also a spiritual one. The challenge was how to kill off all the characters I had grown to love and created.

How many books do you plan to write in The Mejuarian series?

In 2011 my husband and I began working on the series of the Mejuarian. In over three years in grew into a finished copy of over 650 pages. Over the last decade, having more time, I am refining the story and, also have broken it down into a book’s series. I currently have three books available in the Mejuarian series, and book three will be available in June. I anticipate two additions after that.

When are you most satisfied with a book or piece of writing? Do you often edit things OUT of your books?

I am most happy about writing because it is the love of telling a story that is important to me. I can express my thoughts and at the same time provide a little joy and pleasure for those reading. My stories are of exotic beautiful lands and fanciful creatures so I must fuss it to makes sure there is an understanding by the readers. Finally, my husband gives it a read, and then it is off to editing.

Audiobook vs e-book vs printed book, which one do you prefer and why?

I have audio books available and I do feel good about them. E books are fantastic for convenience and visual display if you love to read. My favourite is printed books. I have a row of books that I have read and just seeing them together on my shelf brings back feelings I have for each of those books.

How many books did you read before writing your first published novel?

Hundreds I would say from a child. I used to be an avid reader but since I been working on my own writing so much in the last couple of years that number has dropped. It is very hard to do it all. I do too, find that I try to stay away from reading works of others currently, as not to corrupt my own ideas with those of another. I want the final stories of my own and not another versions of someone’s.

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

I think everyone can write, but it is usually my experience when there is no reward, the journey is too soon forgotten. So, I believe the writing is easy, but most people cannot commit for just the love of the words; therefore, I say no.

What are some books that are a must-read for all avid readers?

The Bible, A Hero’s Journey, Legend of Narnia, How to kill a Mockingbird, and Great Expectations.

How has worked in the business industry helped you in understanding the business of publishing books?

Its a hard-demanding process and it takes a lot of work.

Which is the next book you are writing? Give us an insight into it.

Book three of the Mejuarian Series will be available in June. In this series we meet the Arvunglies, and they like the Dragonors become allies with the Mejuarian. The pups have hatched on earth, and Hubert and his kids are in for a loving surprise.

I am very excited to be working on the fourth installment of the Mejuarian Series; however, I have been considering writing a nonfiction memoir.

What do you like the most about AllAuthor? Do you have any suggestions for the website?

I think it’s a good site to promote yourself, it seems to represent authors fairly. I do like many aspects of the site, particularly I like the cover page contest best. I find making covers very challenging and the contest gives me great insight in what artists and authors are using, as well as what’s popular.

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