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I've been teaching the mysteries of life and the universe for over 25 years; I have also been a family and relationship counsellor for 20. I am on the quest of finding solutions for the miseries of earthlings and let them understand that Life is and extraordinary gift one should handle with CURIOSITY and FIRE. That is where writing steps in. Becoming an author is the amazing side-effect of my ever-moving, experiencing and emotionally rich lifestyle. A fantastic tool for sharing and helping. This way readers would become students and teachers at the same time.
My aim as a writer is to give you at least 5 valuable and memorable sentences in each of my books. Words that would trigger your mind and force you think. Then I am good. After that you either love me or hate me. Since they are mirrors to one another, doesn't matter which one. You start the never-ending journey of understanding, experiencing and expanding. You will be on the path towards the state of mind we usually refer to as HAPPINESS.

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$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
Dancing with the Desertwolf: Life, my eternal Love (Life traveller series Book 1)by Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Aug 13, 2019Biographies & Memoirs
$9.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Intersextion: and they work together (Space leap Book 1)by Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Dec 09, 2018Series: Space LeapErotic Romance Science Fiction
$2.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Life is yours to Win: It All Happens in The Mindby Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Apr 04, 2020Religion & Spirituality
$9.99 kindleeBook,
PANDEMIC: The Story of Mankind (Space Leap Book 3)by Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Jun 30, 2020Series: time leapHistorical Mysteries Historical Fiction Science Fiction Religion & Spirituality
Heavenly Nourishment: Conscious eating in 7 steps
$16.5 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
Heavenly Nourishment: Conscious eating in 7 stepsby Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Jun 30, 2017General Nonfiction Cooking Religion & Spirituality
EMOTION the Machinery of Life: The Missing Factors of Happy Relationships
$9.63 kindleeBook, Paperback,
EMOTION the Machinery of Life: The Missing Factors of Happy Relationshipsby Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Feb 02, 2018Advice & How To Religion & Spirituality
5 secrets of The Matrix: The True Core of Self-development
$14.18 kindleeBook, Paperback,
5 secrets of The Matrix: The True Core of Self-developmentby Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: May 31, 2017Advice & How To General Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality
THE 4th WAY: Teaching the Gnostic Wisdom of AKIA Philosophy
$9.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
THE 4th WAY: Teaching the Gnostic Wisdom of AKIA Philosophyby Zsa Zsa TudosPublish: Feb 22, 2018Religion & Spirituality

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  • Space Leap

    Intersextion: and they work together (Space leap Book 1) - Published on Dec, 2018
  • time leap

    PANDEMIC: The Story of Mankind (Space Leap Book 3) - Published on Jun, 2020

Zsa Zsa Tudos interview On 30, Apr 2020

"Zsa Zsa is an amazing writer, philosopher, and teacher. She was born in the South of Hungary, in a hospital in a city called Pécs. All her books are non-fiction. She loves cooking, dancing, singing. She works on 2-3 books at the same time so she can switch over when stuck. The essence of her writing is logic, such as physics and mathematics."
Where were you born and where do you live now? Which of the places do you like the best?

I was born in the South of Hungary, in a hospital of a city called Pécs. However, I spent my early childhood near nature, without running water and electricity. For the last four years I’ve been living in Athens Greece.

In my life I have travelled excessively on all the 5 major continents. Therefore it is safe to say that I developed fondness for many places. Some of these feelings reached the state of near – permanent, others touched me as I was walking by. I am saying that nothing is lasting, for everything is in constant motion. Generally I prefer places of value, such as architecture, art, natural setting, social understanding and warmth in every possible way, like Paris, Barcelona, New York, Giza, Saqqara, Sahara – Egypt, Wadi Rum, Petra – Jordan, Marrakesh, Berber land – Morocco, Zanzibar – Tanzania, Yucatan – Mexico, Yangtze – China, Belem, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and so on. But above all, I am very much taken by the desert. I love its serenity, the endless horizon, the night sky packed with faraway galaxies and its rich life earthlings haven’t destroyed yet and still fits into the cycle of nature. I look at myself as a citizen of the world. Usually people dread changes and when it is inevitable, wait impatiently for the dust to settle. I am the opposite. I thrive on beginnings. There is always so much to learn and so much to feel! So much to live up to! My curiosity took me to a few countries where I set up living quarters to experience and learn. Apart from Hungary, France, Spain, UK and Brazil I called home at certain times. I think it would be life’s greatest tragedy if I lived at a place wasn’t my favourite for such activity. It would be a waste of the limited time and a constant energy spoiler. So I always like the best where I live. It is my home I cherish. When I start doubting it or I get bored, I sit down and make my plan to move.

Do you recall the first ever book/novel you read?

Although there was no electricity, but there were books in my childhood. I grew up in the communist era, where against all believes, the education was excellent and free, also books were available in abundance for next to nothing. Probably it was due to the lack of gadgets but there were no homes without a few samples of the classic masters. Therefore by the time I became able to create proper sentences with a verb and a noun, I was reciting cute fairy tales written in rhymes and entertained others with my own creations. I want to say that learning to read did not present me with my first book. I guess I read Andersen and the 1001 Nights with the stories of Scheherazade to provide me with a strong foundation for all the wonders to come.

How has writing proved to be a fantastic tool for sharing and helping?

All my books are non-fictions. Even those I put into the fiction genre. I do it to follow the rules laid down by the quite narrow minded moguls of the publishing world. I am saying that whatever I share comes from experience. Having said that, writing makes thoughts conscious. It is a clarifying procedure, where the first step of the action starts. Through writing one connects the self with the mind. It works best when using actual hands to form the letters.

Writing is also important from the reading’s point of view. It keeps the mind focused far more than listening for it uses at least two of the senses at all times Summing it up, it is the best sharing tool and also has a prominent place in therapy where helping is concerned.

How has been your experience of teaching the mysteries of life and the universe for over 25 years?

Well, it has been a journey. An exciting, overwhelming, desperate and painful road to walk.

I am somewhat in a unique position, for I do not teach anything I learned from others or at an academic institute. One day, when I was back in London from Brazil on a break, a then friend of mine asked me if I wanted to learn Reiki. Although it was the craze - time to acquire the knowledge of the Japanese invention, I did not know what it was. Nevertheless, I had the time and money, so I went to her house for the session. It was the breaking point of my life. During the lesson I realised that the essence of the teaching was already a part of my life, I recognised the symbols, I was comfortable with astral travelling and projection, and the limited healing it offered didn’t supply me with new material. Suddenly a part of my mind opened up and let all the logical understandings lose, that was concealed by the everyday struggle for survival. There were no fanfares, confetti and fireworks but at that moment the switch of my life smoothly, almost unnoticed, turned to awaken and the search for the True Knowledge have started. It helped that my Reiki training – I became a master- teacher – raised a lot of questions about floating ideas without proper foundation. I established the basic rules and understandings for my philosophy. AKIA Philosophy® is registered worldwide, became the teaching of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge and the philosophy that sets you free. After all that little introduction I arrived back to the original question. Through teaching I verified the interrelations of energies and my theories gained validation. The hardest part was, and still is, to erase the input data from my students’ minds and convince them to release traditional bonds that effectively tied them to fear. Establishing a trust in the self is a necessity on the path of conscious existence.

What questions are mostly asked in couples counseling?

I find it a bit confusing and sad that most people are interested in establishing who the culprit is in the unity. Usually they want to validate their own behaviour rather than save the relationship. Questions circle around pride and blame with the thought that I know it better and I do it better. There are also questions about having children and use them as glue in the couplehood or creating a purpose in life.

What are the 5 valuable and memorable sentences in your book, EMOTION the Machinery of Life: The Missing Factors of Happy Relationships?

It is difficult to answer. When I say I hope to offer the five sentences to trigger the mind, I know that everybody’s emotional and mental intelligence are different, so are the 5 sentences. However I would tell some of the most ground- breaking thoughts:

 Emotions are created in the mind and they mirror one’s understanding of life.
 You are a lover first, partner second and being a parent comes third, for if you are unhappy as a lover you cannot do the other two with joy.
 Do not expect but learn the other person.
 Everybody performs the 100% of their capability at every given moment.
 Happiness comes from within. It is a philosophy, a way of looking at life and not a momentary joy.

How did you begin writing the Life traveller series?

It was a personal help. I was accused by my mother of supposedly doing something when I was fourteen. This event casted a heavy shadow on my life and my connection to other family members. Eventually my step-father cleared the air few years back and I grabbed this opportunity to ease the minds of all concerned. This book is the Dancing of the Desertwolf – Life my eternal Love.

I also find my journeys educational. Not only for me but for my students who want to accompany me on trips. We learn lands, people, languages, food and habits together and I thought it could come useful for those who stay at home as a choice or due to the lack of funds. The next book in this series will be The five minutes man and the girl who fell in love with menthe. It is all about the wonderful trip to Cuba.

How much did you research while writing your book, Heavenly Nourishment: Conscious eating in 7 steps?

It took me fourteen years to actually arrive to the point of writing it. The idea came to me in Brazil, where I lived for two years. I financed my existence by teaching English in language schools and in my spare time I studied the Orixa, the African Shamanic system with its healing methods. Since I was searching for the Haya Sophia, the highest knowledge available to mankind, it was axiomatic that everything was interrelated in the whole, ever expanding and changing universe. It was also the time nearing the Galactic Quantum Leap in 2012 and shifting of the 12 star formations zodiac, therefore the connections between ruling planets and earthlings demanded a lot of attention. After a thorough research the facts between ruling planets and eating habits were established, the 180recipes needed creation. I adore cooking so it was the easiest part of it all. By the time I finished with the mentioned concept, the 22 star formations zodiac took over from the previous one and with this move the New Horoscope entered into our lives. I added it to this book to remind people that everything is changing and we need to embrace those changes. Nevertheless, most earthlings still look at the none-existent horoscope for guidance. Anyhow, at the end Heavenly nourishment became a complex book of eating, the approach to food, the body structure and its maintenance with sumptuous recipes and the effects of the heavens.

What other things, apart from writing do you enjoy doing?

I hope you have plenty of time because I cherish so many things! I love cooking, dancing, singing; better yet to create something exotic in the kitchen while dancing and singing, accompanied with the trained voice of a favourite. I adore using my fingers to create anything, working with textiles, sit in a café and watch people passing by, I like teaching, reading, a good glass of wine with pen and paper to jot down whatever my brain has to offer, walking in nature, playing hostess to my friends and students, a good conversation, a good card game and see the result of my work. I could go on and on but I think the joy has to stop somewhere.

How did you come up with the idea for your book, 5 secrets of The Matrix: The True Core of Self- development?

This book is the revised version of The Atlantis code: Galactic Quantum Leap, published by New Generation.

On the 28 th of December 2012 the cycle of the 5 Sun Ages came to an end. It was also the time around which the Great Cycle of The Precession of the Equinoxes wrapped up to a desperate finish, raising the frequency of the planet to the highest level possible and assured Earth’s place in the Leap. One would say yay, good for us! However, in order to exist in the changed environment, earthlings needed a good boost to their energy level, simply for survival. Since all happens in the mind, this improvement could only come from change of attitude, thoughts and behaviour patterns.

My idea was to explain the basics of the interwoven matrix and make it available. I hoped to start up some forwarding motion and reveal certain facts about life, Earth and the Universe.

What is one of your strangest writing habits or rituals?

I work on 2-3 books at the same time so I can switch over when stuck. I do not think it is strange but nothing else comes to mind. However, rituals I have many. My students and I, we follow the cycles of the Moon and the Sun, preparing rituals to embrace their power and to clear the mind. I often use those for diminishing blockages, obstacles or give a push to a good train of thoughts.

How long do you plan to stick to writing? If you had to choose any other career, what would you pick and why?

I do not consider writing a career, for I cannot rely upon it financially. I don’t think I have a career. Luckily I arrived at a point in my life, when I do not have to take on a job just to help me with living expenses. However, all the services I offer aid my writing. And there is a twist. Although I am very good I cannot afford to become too much wanted in any one of them, in the fear of losing writing time. I hope it makes sense. Live teachings, seminars and speeches are very much in my basket. Those are precious.

Having said that, I cannot imagine doing anything else in life that I would enjoy more. It is a great pleasure to see even the smallest result of my work and since we live in interrelation, they all add to the general living condition of earthlings.

Every art form is open to various interpretations and reviews. How do you handle any negative reviews that come your way?

The essence of my writing is logic, such as physics and mathematics. If somebody beats me in that I am grateful and happy to reconsider. If it is a painful cry resulting from a step on a toe, well I would still consider it a good result for changes are hard and waking up is even more. It might also urge me to reorganize the approach of my work. Therefore I would sum my answer up to every review is helpful.

Which is the next book you are working on? When is it due for release?

As I mentioned earlier, I always work on more than one book at a time. I usually make a plan for the year ahead at the beginning of the Natural New Year. However it can change on the road. My last book, the Life is Yours to Win – It all Happens in The Mind, was an emergency book to help people dealing with mental disorders especially in the time of social distancing. It is also a good handbook to organise and understand the mind. The subject wasn’t in the original plan. I think the priority will be the next volume of The 4 th Way – Teaching the Gnostic Wisdom of AKIA Philosophy. It is a series of course books filled with explanations, exercises and meditations to start one on the road of The Knowledge from apprentice level of element initiations and energy healing. It will touch upon every important step, embracing all the capabilities given to mankind. There is a possibility to become a member of our site so we can monitor the development if desired and help with questions. I aim to finish this one by the end of July.

Since it is quite a heavy book to write I think I would take on a Life Traveller book to ease the pressure. Another one we started with a student of mine about cancer, the cause of it, how to prevent and cure with the change in the way of looking at life. I plan to finalise all three of them by the end of the natural year that is on the 2 nd of November common calendar.

How did you first come across AllAuthor? What are your honest thoughts on this website?

I tell you honestly I have no idea. I might have pushed a button somewhere. AllAuthors was amongst many started to flood into my post-box at a certain time.

I like you people the most. It is easy to take my sentence as flattery but believe me, it is not. I think you are sincere, caring, helpful, and I like your energy.

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