Angie Dent's Book Writing and Marketing Tips for Authors
Angie Dent
Women's Fiction Christian Fiction
3 months

1. Write every day. This helps to keep words and ideas flowing.

2. When you get writers block, take a break from what you’re writing. Start brainstorming for another chapter or story. This will take the pressure off. Once you start writing something new, creativity will start flowing again freeing you to go back to your previous work.
Another way to deal with writer’s block is to start writing or typing something silly. Keep writing silly phrases, words or even songs (more ridiculous the better). This will help you to relax, rid stress and release words. Before you know it, you’ll be back to writing again!

3. Join a writer’s group. There’s a lot of support within the writing community. Most writers are going through same challenges as you are. Many wouldn’t mind sharing tips and suggestions on writing and related issues.

4. Write like you’ve never been critiqued. Beginning writers, beware of confidence thieves like critiques. Heed the friendly advice from seasoned writers and professionals, but don’t let one or a few negative critiques swallow up your confidence. Critiques help your writing get better and stronger, when you embrace them. They only steal your confidence when you take them personally. Learn and keep believing in your writing.

5. Stay encouraged. Another confidence robber is discouragement. Remember, writing is art. Art takes time. Time requires patience. There will be times when you may think you’ll never “get it just right” or not finish at all. You may even begin to doubt your writing. Don’t doubt. Don’t worry. You’ll finish. God would not have given you the beautiful gift of writing if you couldn’t do it. Keep at it. Write something, long or short, every day. Before you know it, you’ll be finished and on your way to the next level that God has planned for you!

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