Ellen Notbohm's Book Writing and Marketing Tips for Authors
Ellen Notbohm
Historical Fiction Women's Fiction
5 months

Let go of self-defeating language.
1. It's not "writer's block." It's the restorative pause, the time needed to refill the creative well, the release from arbitrary production "shoulds," the sensory replenisher. Trust the process.
2. It's not "rejection." It's the blessing of having avoided placing your work with the wrong entity.
3. You're not an "aspiring" writer. If you write, you're a writer. Period. Own it! (People who run every day but never race are still called runners.)
4. You don't have to have a "current project." You can just write. Anything. Trust the process.
5. There's nothing magic about 1,000 words a day or any other arbitrary number. Two perfect sentences can be a whole day's work (and worth every minute!) while 2,000 words can be boring shredder fodder. Just write. Trust the process.

(Did I mention, trust the process?)

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