Sherif Guirguis's Book Writing and Marketing Tips for Authors
Sherif Guirguis
Science Fiction Fantasy
8 months

If you want to write a book, which the critics would love, you have to keep five things in order to reap that most cherished love:
1- The plot summary: You need to write it as if your life depends on it, your whole book will be built on it, so give it the time it needs to be done perfectly.
2- A powerful intro: As a chronic reader, I would read or quit reading a book based on the first three chapters, if these were not powerful enough to drag me by the scruff of the neck to read on, I quit on the book. It is your hook to pull the reader on once they started the book.
3- Action: Whatever the genre you are writing in, if there is not enough action going on, the reader and the critic would hate your book, so keep them coming. Any conflict is good, inner or external.
4- Pace: Now that you planned your plot, your intro, and the needed action scenes, you have to keep them at a good pace. Too fast and the reader will feel that they were cheated, too slow and they will get bored. You need to be picking momentum as the book reaches the second act, then going fast from there and on.
5- Polish: You finished writing your book, now it is time to read it, and excise, add as necessary the bits that are too crude or too slow, then read it again. You need at least two drafts before reaching an editable version.

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