Virginia Wright's Book Writing and Marketing Tips for Authors
Virginia Wright
Children's General Nonfiction
1 year

Hi Everyone, Here are my five writing tips. Xo -Virginia

1) Create a good title, something readers will remember. An example of that is
"Who the Hell Are You? Alzheimer's the Wrong Diagnosis." This title is apparently about an illness of some kind, but the author gives you a hint as they tell you that Alzheimer's wasn't the right diagnosis. But whatever the disease is, it must be something that is similar to Alzheimer's as the person they are talking about doesn't know who they are. The title piques the curiosity of a potential reader that might have been searching for Alzheimer's books.

2) If you aren't a graphic designer, hire a professional to create your cover. If you search around some new artists will swap with you, their creative cover for your book, for their name as the illustrator on the cover and an acknowledgment.

3) Employ a professional editor - super important tip, as this prevents bad reviews about grammar in reviews.

4) Put together a pre-release/release team made up of fans, friends, and followers in your social network circles to help you with pre-release reads and reviews, as well as shares on release day. Offer a PDF of your book or a proof copy of the paperback in return for their help.

5) Just write! Your editor will help get your manuscript in shape. :-)

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