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Strangers In Another Country
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Strangers In Another Countryby Lawrence G. Taylor Publish: Feb 28, 2016Historical Romance Literary Fiction African American Interest Teen & Young Adult
    • Lawrence G. Taylor Lawrence G. Taylor 1 year ago
    • The greatest literal refreshment lately
      April 27, 2016
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      Strangers in Another Country was the greatest literal refreshment that I had a chance to read lately. As it is the compound of four stories, first two I have read in one evening. Reading of two others, I have deliberately postponed for the following two days. I wish I could read them more or at least for a longer period as they are so enjoyable and easy to read.
      Stories are about the experience that a young Guyanese man after residing on European soil, namely England and Sweden. While meeting the indigenous folks, West Indians and Africans, and facing daily challenges, he tries to assess how much is his life influenced by his background and skin color.
      The most interesting feature of the book for me is how the author masterly writes about relationships, interactions, and personal reactions. I was not surprised when I have learned that his primary occupation is a psychotherapist. Often main characters struggle with giving more than he receives from others, having high expectations from them. The second major issue that the book addresses is a vision of what people are and ought to be, considering the society and people around them. In a context of the book, the main character is often insecure and frustrated due to his low income, lower social status, and non-white skin color.
      Although the book deals with profound social obstacles, the author succeeded well in approaching them lightly, modestly, without pretentiousness. I would warmly recommend this book to people who demand from prose more than just a story.
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