Book Discussion: The Familiar Dead: Spiritualism and Ghosts in American Culture

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The Familiar Dead: Spiritualism and Ghosts in American Cultureby Megan Weiss Publish: Aug 02, 2019History General Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality
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      "The Familiar Dead is a mesmerizing in-depth read on the supernatural, Spiritualism and ghosts. Anyone who is interested in this intriguing subject of communicating with the dead will discover its origins, practices and how it was once believed to help the statuses of women in their communities, lives and their finances, as well. The author takes readers back to the 1800’s when Spiritualism became a popular subject with many people seeking to connect with the supernatural realm and the deceased through devices such as the Ouija board and séances while also attempting to discover more about the afterlife. They believed, as many still do today, that it is possible to make immediate contact with spirits, ghosts and their dearly departed loved ones who could give them messages, guidance and even comfort.

      This is an enthralling, interesting and captivating book. Author Magen Weiss has obviously put considerable research into the subject of the paranormal, Spiritualism and the supernatural. I found this to be an extraordinary, unique book and very different to many others in its genre due to the fact that readers learn about the history of Spiritualism and the effects it has had on the American society throughout time. With a practical, matter-of-fact writing style, the author states many factual points with exciting information, making her book easy to read, interesting and engaging. For those who are interested and fascinated by the supernatural, ghosts and after life, this engrossing book will definitely provide a detailed account of the history of the practice of Spiritualism and its effects on our modern day viewpoints and methods, as many continue to attempt to connect with the supernatural realm. Enjoyable, captivating and highly recommended."
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