Book Discussion: Darker than Blue -- This Mortal Coil

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Darker than Blue -- This Mortal Coilby Lawrence G. Taylor Publish: Jul 24, 2020Literary Fiction Fantasy
    • Lawrence G. Taylor Lawrence G. Taylor 16 days ago
    • Jul 28, 2020
      Olga rated it
      it was amazing (on Goodreads)

      I’ve been waiting for a new book from Lawrence G. Tailor with great interest. This author never fails to amaze me with his novels and short stories.
      This story, written with a tribute to Ahmaud Marquez Arbery and George Floyd touched the deepest strings of my soul. It shows the reader all the signs of a dystopian future: independent thinking and freedom are limited, the natural world is distrusted, while citizens are under constant pressure.
      The author has done a spectacular job! The grasping, enthralling plot and vivid characters kept me in constant suspense, raising a whole bunch of emotions - from compassion to the excitement and an enormous wish to participate in the events myself.
      Boy Blue - the personification of law injustice, Sam - a kind stranger, President DeeDee, who is so similar to modern politicians – they are all unique and each conveys the atmosphere of a strange, alien, hopeless world in their own way.
      The events depicted in the Darker than Blue reminded me of where humanity is heading to, and what is going to happen if we will not overestimate our values.
      This is attention-grabbing, sophisticated, and highly thought-provoking read for everyone!
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    • Lawrence G. Taylor Lawrence G. Taylor 1 month ago
    • Author’s word about the making of the story Darker than Blue: I began writing it on my iPhone and made a few attempts before the creative juices started to flow. By then, I switched to my 12-inch iPad. I had become fired up after reading on FB about the unlawful killing of a black brother who got shot while out jogging: Ahmaud Marquez Arbery. My instant response was to post my reaction on FB. 

      Getting hold of my anger, I decided to write a fictitious tale story instead. I think Freud talked about “sublimation” — to act of diverting one’s instinctual impulse into something socially acceptable.

      In my case, into art. I chose fiction. Could you not ask me why? Though I’m likely to lie – over rationalising.  

      The story is not about the jogger who died at the hands of racial injustice. It’s about the white world and what it means to be non-white and impoverished and what not. And of course, there are white folks who are poor and who are also victims of law enforcement brutality and economic injustice — which is another form of violence. The story alludes to “economic violence”. There are no heroes in the story — not intentionally, that is. But I’ll say (echoing D. H. Lawrence) Trust the story, not the writer.
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