Paiawon Apollo the Sun God: 2017 EDITION
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Paiawon Apollo the Sun God: 2017 EDITION

by Daniel Buckley Publish: May 18, 2017History
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Hi, thanks for the interest been writing for about 16 years now started via an Archaeological course and Italian college course.
This involved long essays on Archaeology and research which i carried on and added to my growing history book library.
My first venture was a history blog which was a shared venture I penned articles and the additional posts were auto submits from guest blogs and posters a dual English American site.
After this project, I moved onto short stories and entered varied writing
With ideas for articles and topics for books the opportunity to create E- books offered me a rewarding pathway into producing my own books on history and ancient history via Amazon and Kindle and also releasing printed formats via Createspece.
My first Novel Sicania Rising was an idea that covered the battle of camicus between the islands of Sicily and Minoan Crete and the island empires fleets.
My many visits to Crete Greece and Sicily allowed me to gather an idea of the places mentioned in the book first hand and with my continued writing covering ancient history provide me with the inspiration to continue writing factual and historical Novels.
My interest was originally sparked by my parents who always had books in the house when we lived in a farm cottage in Budleigh Salterton beside the River Otter, with views of the sea easily reached by a tree-lined riverside path.

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Title Paiawon Apollo the Sun God: 2017 EDITION
Author Daniel Buckley
ASIN B072J5P946
Publish Date 18, May 2017
Language English
Page Count 129