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  • Samantha Price

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Genre: Christian Fiction

Amish Widow's Hope (Expectant Amish Widows Book 1)

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Samantha Price Romance, Religion & Spirituality

ve of Amish culture that inspires her to write. Her writing is clean and wholesome, with more than a dash of sweetness. Though she has penned over eighty Amish Romance and Amish Mystery books, Samantha is just as in love today with exploring the spiritual and emotional journeys of her characters as she was the day she first put pen to paper. Samantha lives in a quaint Victorian cottage with three rambunctious dogs. Samantha loves to hear from her readers. Connect at: www.facebook.com/SamanthaPriceAuthor samanthaprice333@gmail.com Follow her on twitter @AmishRomance Samantha Price's Books: New series - AMISH MISFITS Book 1 The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged Book 2 The Amish Spinster Book 3 The Amish Bishop's Daughter Book 4 The Amish Single Mother Book 5 The Temporary Amish Nanny EXPECTANT AMISH WIDOWS Book 1 Amish Widow’s Hope Book 2 The Pregnant Amish Widow Book 3 Amish Widow's Faith Book 4 Their Son's Amish Baby Book 5 Amish Widow's Proposal Book 6 The Pregnant Amish Nanny Book 7 A Pregnant Widow's Amish Vacation Book 8 The Amish Firefighter's Widow Book 9 Amish Widow's Secret Book 10 The Middle-Aged Amish Widow Book 11 Amish Widow's Escape Book 12 Amish Widow's Christmas Book 13 Amish Widow's New Hope Book 14 Amish Widow's Story AMISH FOSTER GIRLS Book 1 Amish Girl's Christmas Book 2 Amish Foster Girl Book 3 The New Amish Girl Book 4 The New Girl's Amish Romance ETTIE SMITH AMISH MYSTERIES Book 1 Secrets Come Home Book 2 Amish Murder Book 3 Murder in the Amish Bakery Book 4 Amish Murder Too Close Book 5 Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Book 6 Amish Baby Mystery Book 7 Betrayed Book 8 Amish False Witness Book 9 Amish Barn Murders Book 10 Amish Christmas Mystery Book 11 Who Killed Uncle Alfie? Book 12 Lost: Amish Mystery Book 13 Amish Cover-Up AMISH LOVE BLOOMS Book 1 Amish Rose (New and Lengthened) AMISH ROMANCE SECRETS Book 1 A Simple Choice Book 2 Annie’s Faith Book 3 A Small Secret: Amish Romance Secrets Book 4 Ephraim's Chance: Amish Romance Secrets Book 5 A Second Chance: Amish Romance Secrets Book 6 Choosing Amish AMISH WEDDING SEASON Book 1 Impossible Love: Book 2 Love at First Book 3 Faith's Love Book 4 The Trials of Mrs. Fisher Book 5 A Simple Change AMISH BRIDES Book 1 Arranged Marriage Book 2 Falling in Love Book 3 Finding Love Book 4 Amish Second Loves Book 5 Amish Silence AMISH SECRET WIDOWS' SOCIETY Book 1 The Amish Widow Book 2 Hidden Book 3 Accused Book 4 Amish Regrets Book 5 Amish House of Secrets Book 6 Amish Undercover Book 7 Amish Breaking Point Book 8 Plain Murder Book 9 Plain Wrong Book 10 Amish Mystery: That Which Was Lost AMISH BABY COLLECTION Book 1 The Gambler's Amish Baby Book 2 The Promise Book 3 Abandoned Book 4 Amish Baby Surprise Book 5 Amish Baby Gift Book 6 Amish Christmas Baby Gone AMISH MAIDS Book 1 The Amish Nanny Book 2 The Amish Maid Book 3 A Rare Amish Maid Book 4 In My Sister's Shadow Book 5 Change of Heart Book 6 Game of Love Book 7 Amish Life of Lies AMISH SISTERS Book 1 Amish Trading Places Book 2 Amish Truth Be Told Book 3 The Big Beautiful Amish Woman Book 4 The Amish Widow and the Millionaire WILD WEST FRONTIER BABIES Book 1 Mail Order Bride: The Rancher's Secret Baby Book 1 Book 2 The Nursemaid's Secret Baby Book 2 WESTERN MAIL ORDER BRIDES Book 1 Mail Order Bride: Deception Book 2 Mail Order Bride: Second Choice Book 3 Mail Order Bride: Revenge Book 4 Widowed and Expecting: Mail Order Bride Book 5 Mail Order Bride: Too Good For The Doctor Stand Alone Novella: Marry by Christmas (Western Romance) Boxed Sets: Amish Mysteries Books 1 - 5 (Amish Secret Widows' Society series) Amish Mysteries Books 6- 10 (Amish Secret Widows' Society series) Amish Boxed Set: Four Amish Romance Books.: Amish Sisters series Amish Brides Boxed Set - Five Books Mail Order Brides Boxed Set: Western Brides (Five Books) Amish Baby Collection - Amish Romance: AMISH BOXED SET (Six Books)...

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Publish Date: 18, Feb 2016
Language: English
Page Count: 214

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