The Ego is a veil between humans and God. In prayer all are equal. Rumi

  • Laurel A. Rockefeller

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Hypatia of Alexandria (The Legendary Women of World History Book 8)

Publish Date: Nov 10, 2017

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Biographies & Memoirs, History

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Laurel A. Rockefeller Teen & Young Adult, Children's, Biographies & Memoirs, History

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty books published and self-published since August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefelle...

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Publisher: Laurel A. Rockefeller Books
Publish Date: 10, Nov 2017
Language: English
Page Count: 104


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