There are few things easier than to live badly and die well. Oscar Wilde

  • Jeannette Winters

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

After Six: Barrington Billionaire's Series: Book Six

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Jeannette Winters Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

etly laughing to herself, she notices how they embellish the stories more and more each year. Storytelling was pasted down from her grandfather and mother. Jeannette caught the bug at a very young age. If she didn’t have her head in a book, then she was off somewhere with a notebook, jotting down stories of what she would write if one day she became an author. Although the notebook may have vanished, the stories are still vivid and waiting for the right time to be told. Despite having an amazing family, there have also been some sorrows in her life, including the loss of loved ones. Over the years, Jeannette has spent countless hours volunteering for different organizations and acting as a caregiver to those most dear to her. As a result, supporting the elderly became of utmost importance. As she approached a milestone birthday, she decided to take her passion of writing and blend it with her desire to continue to help others. As she writes her stories, she hopes they touch someone’s life. Within the layers of the romance, the foundation remains throughout and is one that is dear to he; make a difference in someone’s life each day! Like the wind, Jeannette’s life changed directions several times over the years, yet one constant remains: her desire to one day start a non-profit organization to help families who are affected by Alzheimer’s and to leave this Earth a little better than when she entered it. Visit her at to sign up for her newsletter...

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ASIN: B076P2R736
Publish Date: 19, Jan 2018
Language: English

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