Arrival: An Immigrant Story
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Arrival: An Immigrant Story

by John Fahey Publish: Nov 20, 2017Biographies & Memoirs

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Biographies & Memoirs

I'm retired from a long and interesting life. I'm writing about it, gardening and propagating perennial flower plants, thinking and contemplating the world we live in, always curious, tweeting about advances on the frontiers of science, medicine, and astronomy.
Take a look at my plants from past years.
This year of 2018 I have about 140 snapdragon seedlings ready for planting outside by April.
I am an optimistic person, always looking for a silver lining in the darkest cloud.
You could see my philosophy at and go to my about me page to see the future direction of my writing that will follow my first two memoirs.
I am in awe of the Future.
My motto: Stand up, look up, look out, see the wonder.

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Book Detail
Title Arrival: An Immigrant Story
Author John Fahey
Publish Date 20, Nov 2017
Language English
Page Count 174