Children are still the way you were as a child sad and happy in just the same wayand if you think of your childhood you once again live among them among the solitary children. Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Penny Hodgson

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Genre: Advice & How To, Religion & Spirituality

Mind Files: Perception, Perspective, & Problems

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Penny Hodgson Advice & How To, Religion & Spirituality

Penny knows what it takes to work through a painful past and get to the other side. Being born with severe bilateral hip dysplasia meant that Penny would walk with an exaggerated limp as a child. This resulted in years of being ridiculed and bullied, created deep rooted feelings of shame and layer...

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ASIN: B07D92Z4Z3
Publish Date: 23, May 2018
Language: English
Page Count: 99

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