When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology
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When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology

by Alison McBain Publish: Oct 01, 2018Historical Mysteries Action & Adventure Time Travel Romance Historical Fiction Literary Fiction LGBT Humor Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

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Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance Science Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

I'm an award-winning author with more than seventy short stories and poems published/forthcoming in magazines and anthologies, including Flash Fiction Online, Abyss & Apex and On Spec. My debut YA novel The Rose Queen was published in July 2018. And once in a while, I put on my Book Reviews Editor hat for the magazine Bewildering Stories. When not writing, I practice origami meditation and draw all over the walls of my house with the enthusiastic help of my three kids.

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Book Detail
Title When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology
Author Alison McBain,Cynthia C. Scott,Edward Ahern,Elizabeth Chatsworth,Gabi Coatsworth,B.T. Lowry,Teresa Richards,Barbara Russell,Abhishek Sengupta,Nikki Trionfo
Publish Date 01, Oct 2018
Publisher Fairfield Scribes
Language English
Page Count 289
Cover Design Alison McBain
Cover Photographer Gerd Altmann
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