The way to secure success is to be more anxious about obtaining than about deserving it. William Hazlitt

  • Nicole Morgan,Carma Haley Shoemaker,Krista Ames,Stephanie Morris,Tmonique Stephens,Donna R. Mercer,Jan Springer,Carly O'Shea,Deelylah Mullin,Helen Scott,Erin Lee,Terri Bruce,Sharon Coady,Kat Parrish,Berlin Rhodes,Erin Richards,Rebecca Tran,Marie Mason

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Moonlight Mist: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy & Paranormal)

Publish Date: Oct 30, 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Tmonique Stephens Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Nobody’s perfect, especially the characters Tmonique writes about in her Descendants of Ra and UnHallowed series. Flawed characters who reflect the emotional baggage we all carry interests her the most. She writes complicated stories for complicated people. At any given time, you can find her on...

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Publish Date: 30, Oct 2018
Language: English
Page Count: 384

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