The Creep Among Us
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The Creep Among Us

by Anne Penn Publish: Oct 20, 2018True Crime
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Anne Penn
Anne PennUnited States4 Books
Biographies & Memoirs True Crime

Anne Penn has been writing all of her life. Her interests are focused primarily on true stories. The subject is about verbal and domestic abuse as well as women's issues. Ms. Penn wrote the 4 books about the Golden State Killer Cases to document possible murders that are still unsolved as cold cases. That has been Ms. Penn's focus. Bringing answers to families who still wait is part of why Ms. Penn put her research into book form. Ms. Penn has also written other books using her actual name which have to do with helping women and girls.

Anne Penn's background is in Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Addiction Specialties. Now after deep diving into what may have actually happened in the 58 years the Golden State Killer was free, her investigations have brought her to write What If? Golden State Killer ZODIAC SOLVED. And finally, End Game of The Most Dangerous Game Golden State Killer which discusses the fact that besides being a serial rapist to life in August of 2020.

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Title The Creep Among Us
Author Anne Penn
Publish Date 20, Oct 2018
Publisher Amazon
Language English
Page Count 332
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