Hello Love, Where's Cupid? (the 2nd edition)
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Hello Love, Where's Cupid? (the 2nd edition)

by Stephanie Dolce Publish: Apr 07, 2015General Nonfiction
    • Stephanie Dolce Stephanie Dolce 1 year ago
    • In, “Hello Love, Where's Cupid?” 2nd Edition, Author, Stephanie Dolce, will give readers: Ten rules of how to make your first date memorable, Seven reasons why most people are still single and how to avoid those, Step by step guidance of how to make your sex life better and groundbreaking evidence that points to how online dating sites feed people lies that they will indeed find their “ dream love,” but instead invite nightmares at their doorsteps. There is also a discussion on feminism and on domestic violence.
      The Follow up to this book will be published in 2020.
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Stephanie Dolce started her writing career writing poetry, which sold internationally and also for The Hopper House in Nyack, NY.

in 2001, one of Stephanie’s poems, “Mess for You,” was turned into a song and was played live on Z100 in NYC.

Stephanie then took a break from writing and concentrated on a career in education and cheerleading and running a youth basketball league. It was only after she wrote her first book, “A Bird’s Eye View,” in 2008, which sold internationally, that she decided to make writing a full time career and started her brand, SassyGirlPR ( which is now Sassy Productions Inc.)

It wasn’t until she was bullied on Twitter, by the guy whom she wanted to date, that opened the doors for her to write about relationships, social media, and online dating. Her books, “Sex, Lies and Twitter,” and the follow-up, “Victim No More,” address such issues as well as what to do if you are cyber-bullied.

Stephanie’s sassy, raw, controversial, and to the point writing has captured the minds, hearts and even souls of millions worldwide. in 2013, she started to write for Blogher, and then she has taken off, writing for many websites as well as doing PR for some companies.

She has one of the BEST blogs on the Internet.

She wrote for Blogher

She is now a contributor for SheKnows Media.

You can also find her on QuotesTrain and Thumbtack.com

Stephanie has written for Rant Dating, The Richest and The Talko, among others.

She has also done a writing piece for The Urban Dater.

Her first Young Adult Mini-Series was, “My Tiara Is Giving Me A Headache,” which addressed bullying, sexuality, friendship and getting to know who you are and who you want to be. Subjects that teens today are struggling with daily, was turned into a novel called, “The Untouched”

She also has written a humor book on owning a cat called, “A Cat’s Diary,” which will be expanding from a short story into a mini-series and then a novel. The second part is called, ” A Cat’s Diary Continues,”

She has another mini-series called, “Rookie Mistake” which was released in October 2017

Her new novel that was released in 2018, is called, "Diary of a Drama Queen."

Sh will be releasing new books in 2019.

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Book Detail
Title Hello Love, Where's Cupid? (the 2nd edition)
Author Stephanie Dolce
Publish Date 07, Apr 2015
Language English
Page Count 294