Demon's Bloodlust (New Guardian Generation Book 1)
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Demon's Bloodlust (New Guardian Generation Book 1)

by Brianna West Publish: Jan 01, 2019Series: New Guardian GenerationNew Adult Romance Paranormal Romance

New Guardian Generation complete series

Brianna West
Brianna WestUnited States4 Books
Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance Paranormal Romance LGBT

Brianna West is an Amazon Bestselling author who lives in beautiful Iowa with her wonderful husband and four adorable children. She writes funny, real romance stories that are accompanied by humor and supernatural elements. First published in October 2015, Brianna has gone on to add several books to her main series and spin-off series since then.

Her stories feature sassy, strong heroines. Hunky, supernatural heroes. A sordid amount of action. Enough humor to leave you laughing all the way through. And a world that will fill you with an overwhelming desire to be a part of it.

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Book Detail
Title Demon's Bloodlust (New Guardian Generation Book 1)
Series New Guardian Generation
Author Brianna West
Publish Date 01, Jan 2019
Language English
Page Count 277