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No Mere Mortal

Publish Date: Jan 04, 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Meet the Author
Amara Dey Paranormal Romance

Always fascinated by myths and fables, Amara loved the stories of the Orishas, the Cuban Santeria gods, as told to her by a Cuban friend. These legends inspired Amara to write her 'Decagon' series. NO MERE MORTAL is the first of three, and it is available at Extasy Books, Amazon eBooks, and all eB...

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About This Book

Publisher: Extasy Books
Publish Date: 04, Jan 2019
Language: English
Page Count: 247

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  • enter a world of deadly battles and steamy passions if you dare...

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  • unearthly desires delve into this sensuous tale where the normal and paranormal unite...

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  • s teamy e nchanting x citing read amara deys...

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