Tell Me a Story
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Tell Me a Story

by Randy D Pearson Publish: Aug 29, 2019Suspense Action & Adventure Romance Humor
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Action & Adventure Humor Teen & Young Adult

I was born in a horse stall in Wyoming... no wait, that wasn't me. I emerged from a large, pale blue egg... nah, couldn't be. I was probably born in a small town in Michigan, started creating stuff in my head cuz TV was like 3 channels, then I learned to write that stuff down cuz, again, 3 channels. Now, I am married, have a lovely step-daughter, and have been published in about a dozen different anthologies.

My debut novel, Driving Crazy, came out in June 2015. People seem to like the silliness and action the book represents (and it may even become a movie - a Michigan-based production company contacted me about it).

April 2016 saw the release of Tell Me a Story, my short story collection. (Ray Walsh of the Lansing State Journal called it "wonderfully quirky," comparing it to that of O. Henry and Roald Dahl.)

My action/adventure/comedy novel Trac Brothers came out in 2018 (called "hard to put down" and an "entertaining and memorable story"), and 2020 saw the sequel, Trac Brothers II - Santascoy's Revenge.

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Book Detail
Title Tell Me a Story
Author Randy D Pearson
Publish Date 29, Aug 2019
Publisher EdcoCaly Press
Language English
Page Count 284
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