Restoration: The Gaia Origin Book 1
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Restoration: The Gaia Origin Book 1

by Daniel C. McWhorter Publish: Aug 03, 2018Series: The Gaia OriginScience Fiction



The Gaia Origin complete series

Science Fiction Fantasy

Daniel C. McWhorter (“Dan” to everyone who knows him) is an avid reader and life-long science fiction and fantasy fan who has long dreamed about writing for a living.

As is the case for many of us, the realities of life took him in a different direction and his dream was put on hold while he worked to achieve successful careers in telecom, software engineering and talent development. In 2017, Dan decided to leave corporate America and start writing. His first book, Restoration, was the result.

Dan lives in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia with his wife and three dogs. When he's not writing, he likes to hike, boat, fish and experience the exceptional beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If the weather is bad, you may find him online playing the current MMO flavor of the month or banging away on his Xbox controller.

Daniel C. McWhorter Daniel C. McWhorter
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Book Detail
Title Restoration: The Gaia Origin Book 1
Series The Gaia Origin
Author Daniel C. McWhorter
Publish Date 03, Aug 2018
Publisher Underhill Press, LLC.
Language English
Page Count 389