The Dream Born
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The Dream Born

by Janice Druzak Miller Publish: Jan 12, 2019Science Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

standalone complete series

Science Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

J. Druzak Miller is a mom of three, step-mother of three, a grandmother, and mom of 5 gorgeous dogs known as "momma's babies". Although working in the field of science, I find creative escapes through writing, painting, quilting, and gardening. The cover of The Dream Born is a painting.

Unexpected excitement with continuous movement. I generally skip pages of a book to get to the good parts. I don't have to with this book.
Cindy Cindy
Wow!!! A true amazing author!!! Recommend highly
Book Detail
Title The Dream Born
Author Janice Druzak Miller
Publish Date 12, Jan 2019
Language English
Page Count 187
Cover Design Jeremy Nadzam